How To Make A Ski Chalet Cake

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This quaint little ski lodge sits upon a charming backdrop of snow topped rocky mountains. Get creative and adorn your cake with some textured fir trees and frosty snowflakes to finish off your magical winter retreat.

Step 1.

Cover the cake and the hexagonal board with Sattina white sugarpaste using the smoother tool and leave to set. To create the raised effect for the chalet to sit on, roll out some white Sattina sugarpaste to a thickness of 1cm and cut out a disc using the round side of the PME round & wavy edge cutter XXX large. Attach this to the centre of the cake using some edible glue.

Roll out some more sugarpaste and cut out a wavy edged disc using the reverse side of the PME cutter, roll over again to increase its size so that it overlaps the round disc and attach over the top with edible glue. Stick some mini pearl white sprinkles randomly over the top to create a scattered snowy effect and, finally, make some pearlised snowflakes using the snowflake plunger cutters to attach around the sides of the cake.

Step 2.

Roll out some Sattina grass green sugarpaste to a thickness of 4mm, then using the scallop end of the scallop and blade tool, press down lightly to create textural lines. Next cut out several different sized trees using the PME Christmas tree cutter set and leave to dry on your foam pad. Paint the base of the trees with a little rejuvenator spirit mixed with chocolate brown blossom tint to give the bark a beautiful colour.

Step 3.

Cut a strip of greaseproof paper to fit around your cake, then cut a scalloped ‘mountain range’ template. Remember that the two ends need to finish with curves the same height!

Repeat the above using a slightly narrower piece of greaseproof. Using an edible pen, transfer your templates onto the rice paper.

Using the silver and blue lustre sprays, gently spray around the tips and edges of the mountains to create depth and colour.

To attach around the cake, use royal icing or piping jelly. For best results, overlap the rice paper mountains to create layers for a rocky mountain effect.

To create the snowy tops, roll out some 3 in 1 Sattina modelling paste and cut out small snowflakes and blossoms (using the cutter from the geometric set). Then, using the round shape cutter, cut away part of the shape.  Attach to the tops of the mountains using edible glue.

Step 4.

Roll out a little 3 in 1 Sattina modelling paste to a thickness of 3mm and cut out two 1cm strips to create the skis. Using a craft knife, cut the lengths to roughly 6cm, then trim one end to a slight point and curve up, leave to dry. To decorate, use edible pens to create eccentric patterns and designs for the skis.

Step 5.

Mix 250g of 3 in 1 Sattina modelling paste into a marble effect using the colours honey gold, dark brown, and chestnut. Dust your surface with the cornflour pouch and roll your paste out to a thickness of 3-4 mm. Using the impression bark mat, press down over the whole surface a little at a time to create the desired effect. Cut out your ski chalet shapes using the birdhouse cutter. You can use the cutter set just as it is to make a square chalet but we extended one side to give a more realistic chalet shape by increasing the width another 2cm and dropping the right side to 4cm in height. One of the sides then needs to be cut to 4cm in height too, leaving the original height on the left side at 6cm. The roof on the long side also needs to be extended in length to ensure an overlap at the edge. Now leave to dry.

Assemble the chalet using royal icing and leave to dry. Meanwhile, cut out all its detailing  such as the windows, door, step, scalloped edges and little rectangles before attaching with edible glue. Roll out some sugarpaste in a rectangular shape and cut away a curved wavy edge long enough to cover the roof of the chalet, and attach using edible glue.

Cut out a square from the geometric set to make a chimney, cover in a little sugarpaste to look like snow and attach to the roof. Glue and sprinkle mini pearls as a finishing touch, and use royal icing to attach the chalet in position on top of the cake.

Step 6.

To add a message or numbers, cut out a rectangular shape in the same colour modelling paste as the chalet, emboss to look like wood and attach your cut out message with edible glue. Lastly, pop the pair of skis in front of the chalet and attach with a little royal icing.

You will need:

1.5kg Sattina white icing
3 in 1 Sattina modelling paste
Edible sugar glue
Sugarflair pearl white lustre dust
Sattina royal icing
Rice paper
Cornflour pouch
Rejuvenator spirit
Sattina grass green sugarpaste
White mini sugar pearl sprinkles
Sugarflair blossom tint in brown
PME lustre sprays in blue & silver
Edible pens – red, black & green
Sugarflair pastes – chestnut brown, dark brown & honey gold
Small amount of black icing – for the window

Fmm more than a bird house cutter
7” round deep cake
10 inch hexagonal drum board
Small snowflake plunger cutter
Dexam geometric cutter set
Craft knife
Rolling pins – 9” & 16”
Variety of brushes for glue & paint
Grey foam pad – for drying
Scallop & blade PME tool
PME bark design impression mat
Mini palette knife
Fmm straight frill set 3
PME smoother
PME round & wavy edge cutter XXX large
PME set of 3 Christmas tree cutters
Greaseproof paper