How To Make A Sparkly Tiara With Edible Jewels

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Learn how easy it is to create a spectacular tiara cake topper in icing using the set of Tiara Cutters by Fmm! Decorated with edible jewels and finished with an edible sparkly glitter, it’s perfect for a little princess’s birthday cake! The set comes in 2 sizes so you can make little ones for cupcakes and we really love using them to cut out delicate side designs – check out our beautiful aqua wedding cake below!

Step 1.

Using a cocktail stick, add a tiny amount of fuchsia paste food colouring to approximately 100g of Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste. Knead the icing until the pink colouring is fully incorporated, then dust your work surface and tiara cutter with a cornflour pouch. Roll out the icing to around 2-3mm thick and leave to rest for 3-5 mins. Position your cutter on the icing and press down firmly to cut out a tiara, giving it a little wiggle.

Step 2.

Remove the icing from around the outside of the cutter, before turning over and smoothing your finger firmly over the cut edges to ensure all of the edges are crisp.

Step 3.

Tap the cutter firmly on your work surface to start releasing the icing. As the icing was left to firm up before cutting, it should release fairly easily from the cutter.

Step 4.

Continue to tap the cutter on each side and use a soft brush to gently push and ease the icing out.

Step 5.

Leave the icing tiara draped over a 4 or 5 inch round cake dummy or tin overnight to dry into a curved shape.

Step 6.

Use a brush to pop out the heart shapes still left in the cutter and cut extra hearts out if needed for decorating the rest of your cake or cupcakes.

Step 7.

If you are adding a side design to your cake using the cut out hearts, arrange the pattern first on your work surface or on a cake card before attaching them to the cake with edible glue or a dab of royal icing.

Step 8.

Once dry, decorate the tiara with coloured edible gems attached with royal icing or a little edible glue. If you are using edible glue, make sure you let the glue become tacky before adding the gems to avoid giving them a cloudy appearance.

Step 9.

Spritz the tiara with silver edible glitter spray and attach it to the top of your cake with edible glue or royal icing.

Step 10.

Enjoy experimenting with the cutters! You can use the hearts cut out from the middle of the tiara  to create a pretty pattern on the side of your cake or use the whole tiara to decorate around the sides of your cake, as we have done with this beautiful aqua cake.

To cover this two tier cake (5 and 8 inch deep squares) in this gorgeous ‘Tiffany Style’ soft aqua colour, we mixed 250g Aqua Sattina sugarpaste with 2kg of White Sattina sugarpaste, working out to approximately 8 parts white to 1 part aqua. Add some sparkle with a few sapphire edible jewels attached with a little edible glue.

Top Tip

Try putting a little petal base around the edges of your cutter before pressing down on the icing to make it slightly easier to release the shape.

Top Tip

If your edible gems do turn slightly cloudy or get tarnished, brush them with vegetable oil to remove any blemishes.

We used:

FMM tiara cutters, set of 2
100g (approx) Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste
Sugarflair paste colour – fuchsia
4 or 5 inch cake dummy/tin (to use as a former)
6 or 9 inch non-stick rolling pin
Cornflour pouch
Soft brush
Rainbow Dust edible jewels – rose quartz
Edible Silver Glitter Spray Pump, Non Aerosol