How To Make A Unicorn Cake With A Buttercream Mane

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Unicorns are still the trendiest mythical creature around, and nothing is stopping them! We jumped on the bandwagon and made this magical unicorn cake using the Wilton ‘I Taught Myself Buttercream Flowers’ kit. We absolutely adore this set! It contains five piping nozzles perfect for creating different shapes and sizes in your buttercream for a textured mane, a flower nail, and 12 disposable piping bags to fill with every colour of the rainbow. The kit also includes a 44 page booklet full of amazing ideas and stunning photos to inspire you.

Step 1.

Make two deep 8 inch round cakes and layer with buttercream, before stacking them on top of one another to approximately 6 – 7 inches tall. Completely cover the outside of your cake in buttercream using a palette knife, before placing your cake on a round cake board to match the colour theme of your cake. Dust your work surface with icing sugar, then knead and roll out your white Sattina sugarpaste. Carefully place it over your cake, trimming off any excess icing around the bottom. Use a cake smoother to ensure your cake has a smooth professional appearance before moving on to decoration.

Step 2.

Dust your work surface with a cornflour pouch, and roll out some white modelling paste to a thickness of 4mm and cut out two ears using a sugarcraft knife. Roll out some pink modelling paste in the same way, and cut out the inner ears so that they are slightly smaller versions of the white cut-outs. Attach both inner ears onto your outer ears using edible glue. Gently curve the ears by placing them over a rolling pin and leaving overnight to harden. Once they can stand up on their own, attach the ears to your cake using edible glue.

Step 3.

To make the unicorn’s magical horn, weigh out 60g of white modelling paste and using a cake smoother or your hands, roll it into a long (30-40cm) tapered shape. The shape should be thicker on one end and thinner on the other. Starting at the top, tightly twist the sausage of modelling paste around the cake dowel until you reach the bottom. Use the cake smoother to roll the horn out and give it a smoother appearance. Cut the thick end of the horn flat and round off the pointed end. Cut a cake dowel in half and insert it into the thick end of the horn.

Step 4.

To give your horn its stunning gold colour, mix some Rolkem super gold lustre dust with a little rejuvenator spirit in a paint palette to make an edible paint. Using a brush, paint over your horn, ensuring it is completely covered in gold. Leave your horn to dry before going over it again with a second coat. If you wish to intensify the colour even further, wait until the paint has dried completely, and use a dry dusting brush to dust over some more super gold. Carefully push the horn and dowel into place on top of your cake, securing with a little edible glue.

Step 5.

To make the eyes, roll out some black modelling paste to a thickness of 2-3mm. Use the 58mm round reversible cutter to cut out two circles. Create a crescent moon shape using the same cutter by removing a section from each of the black circles.

Step 6.

To make the eyelashes, roll out some more black modelling paste and use the 30mm round cutter to cut out three circles. Use the same cutter to create three crescent moon shapes before cutting each in half to make six eyelashes. Position and attach the large crescent moon shapes to the front of your cake using edible glue, before adding the lashes to each eye.

Step 7.

Mix four different bowls of buttercream using the Colour Splash concentrated gel paste food colouring in blue, pink, violet, and lemon. Snip off the ends of the bags and insert a different piping nozzle into each bag. Insert the 4B tube into the bag to be filled with lemon coloured buttercream, and the 18 tube into the bag to be filled with pink buttercream. Insert a 1M tube into the last bag, and fill it with a mixture of pink, blue, and violet by placing them on different sides of the piping bag. This will create a beautiful three-tone effect.

Step 8.

Starting at the top of your cake, begin to pipe individual swirls of your triple coloured buttercream using the 1M tube. Continue down the back of the cake and curve round until you reach the bottom front right of your cake.

Step 9.

Pipe small yellow flowers using the 4B tube to fill in some of the small gaps, following the direction of your triple coloured buttercream swirls. Fill in any final gaps by piping tiny pink flowers on your unicorn’s mane using the 18 tube.

Step 10.

Continue all the way down the back of your unicorn cake, making sure all gaps are filled and the colour is dispersed evenly to create a beautiful multi-coloured mane.

Step 11.

Add a scattering of Sprinkletti cake sprinkles in a mix of your choice. This will really bring your unicorn mane to life! Choose from Party mix, Rainbow mix, Flower Power mix, Midnight Violet mix, Mermaid mix, or a magical Unicorn mix.

Handy Hints

Put two or three different colours of buttercream either side of the piping bag to create a stunning multi-coloured effect on your unicorn’s mane. Test your buttercream swirls before piping directly onto your cake to ensure all the colours are even.

Scatter your unicorn mane with some Sprinkletti in a mix of your choice to make it extra magical.

What We Used:

2 x 8 inch round deep cakes
Wilton ‘I Taught Myself Buttercream Flowers’ piping kit
Rolling pin
Cake dowel
Cornflour pouch
Icing sugar
Sugarcraft knife
Cake smoother
Edible glue
Palette knife
1-1.25kg white Sattina sugarpaste
12 inch round cake board
White modelling paste
Pink modelling paste
Black modelling paste
Rolkem super gold lustre dust food colouring
Small brush
Rejuvenator spirit
Paint palette
Reversible 6 piece circular cutter set
Framar set of 6 circle cutters
Blue Colour Splash concentrated gel paste food colouring
Pink Colour Splash concentrated gel paste food colouring
Lemon Colour Splash concentrated gel paste food colouring
Violet Colour Splash concentrated gel paste food colouring
Sprinkletti (we used Flower Power)