How To Make An ‘Eggsquisite’ Easter Drip Cake

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Drip cakes are all the fashion this year and so we have designed our own Easter drip cake and cupcake using coloured candy buttons and a selection of Easter decorations. Learn handy tips on how to achieve this effect so that you can create your own show stopper Easter cake! If you’re short of time, try our golden delight Madeira mix, 500grams of mix makes a delicious 7″ round cake and all you do is add water, mix and bake!

Step 1. Melting The Candy

Start with a 7″ round cake covered in sugarpaste and leave overnight so that the icing hardens a little and is easier to work on. Sugarpastes and candy buttons come in a variety of colours so you can design you own colour theme but we settled on yellow and orange for Easter. To pour the candy buttons over the cake so that they drip down the side, the buttons have to be melted to the right consistency. Melt them in a microwave in a suitable pot or melting jug for one minute then 30 second bursts so they do not burn. Once melted, stir in a teaspoon of sunflower oil so that you can pour the melted buttons without them setting immediately. You may need to add another teaspoon of sunflower oil – you will know the consistency is right when the melted candy pours off a spoon but at the same time coats the spoon and is not see through. Now work quickly and pour the candy completely around the outside edge of the cake so that it drips down the side.


Step 2. Coating The Cake

Pour the candy over the centre of the cake then with a cranked palette knife quickly smooth it to the edge. Don’t worry if at this point it is not looking as smooth as you would like it to!


Step 3. Achieving A Smooth Surface

Still working very quickly, hold either side of the board firmly on your work top and gently shake the cake from side to side so that the candy levels out smoothly.


Step 4. Start With A Sprinkle

This is where the fun starts, have all your decorations at hand so that you can decorate the cake before the candy sets. Sprinkle a ring of colourful nonpareils (mini pearls) around the outside edge of the cake.

Step 5. Decorate With Mini Chocolate Eggs & Decorations

Decorate the cake with anything you like from mini chocolate eggs to sugar daffodils, icing chicks and cute sugar bunnies, the more the better!


Step 6. Jazz Up The Board

To finish the cake, add just a few chocolate eggs and Easter decorations to the bottom of the cake around the board.


Step 7. Easter Drip Cupcakes

Use exactly the same method to decorate Easter cupcakes. Pour the melted candy over the cupcake so that it drips down the side and decorate with chocolate eggs and decorations.


We used:
500g Golden Delight Madeira Cake Mix
7″ round cake tin
500g tub Sattina sunshine yellow sugarpaste or buttercream
Orange candy buttons
Silicone chocolate melting jug
Small cranked palette knife
10″ round pale green cake board
Mini chocolate eggs
Coloured nonpareil sprinkles
Easter decorations and flowers