How To Make Every Letter And Number With One Magic Tin

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One tin, countless uses. The Wilton Countless Celebrations Cake Pan Set is perfect for making cakes fit for all occasions. Whether it’s a simple number cake for a special birthday, or a themed cake for a child’s birthday party, you can make it all with this one handy piece of equipment. One pan bakes more than 39 shapes, including letters A to Z, numerals 0 to 9, punctuation, and personalised shapes you can design into novelty cakes, such as robots and animals. Simply add the inserts where required to form your desired shape, bake, and decorate!

Step 1.

The great thing about this tin is that there are instructions in the box which show you how to bake and cut all the numbers and letters with the help of handy diagrams. First, spray your pan and all inserts being used with non-stick cooking spray. Using a number as an example, position the inserts in the pan as shown on the relevant diagram. Note that the number will appear backwards in the pan. The inserts block the areas where you do not want any cake baked, so do not fill the inserts with batter.

Fill the surrounding pan area two thirds full with cake batter, and bake following your chosen cake recipe for the required temperature. We would recommend using a dense mixture, like the Golden Delight Madeira cake mix for this tin to prevent any sinking. The average baking time for each pan design is 26-30 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean. Once baked, let the cake cool in the pan for 10 minutes, before removing the inserts and inverting the pan onto a cooling rack. Remove the pan and let the cake cool completely.

Step 2.

Use the cake cutter tool to trim and create clean rounded edges on your number for easy decorating. The diagrams will show you where you need to cut your number to achieve the desired shape.

Step 3.

Cover the whole of your cake in buttercream ready for decorating.

Step 4.

Decorate your cake as desired. For our pirate themed cake, we covered our number in buttercream and yellow sugarpaste, and decorated with little pirates and palm trees. We brought our treasure chest to life by dusting it with a little Super Gold by Rolkem to give the coins their golden shimmer. The PME elegant wave design impression mat can be used to add texture to your covered cake board and bring the beach theme together. Simply press it into your sugarpaste, and add any extra detail with paints. This is the perfect cake for a boy’s birthday party, and so easy to make!

Step 5.

This tin is great for making shaped novelty cakes, so we decided to make a trendy Lego Batman cake. Simply bake in the whole tin and leave overnight. Carve to your required shape, then build up the icing where needed (such as the feet) before covering in black sugarpaste. Add further details, arms, and ears, and paint or draw on details with edible paints or edible ink pens. We achieved the Lego look on our board using the circles design textured embossing sheet, and added some Lego brick decorations using the building bricks silicone mould to spell out the birthday boy’s name and age. Spritz your cake with some Shell & Shine to give it a glossy finish!

Step 6.

We made an ‘L’ shape and covered it in pretty flowers using the Blossom Sugar Art box set. Give your white flowers a shimmery look with some Rolkem ‘White Sparkle’ edible dust. Place some sparkly Rainbow Dust Sapphire edible jewels in the centre of a few of your flowers to match the colour of your ribbon. Finish off the birthday girl’s name using the Cake Star Push Easy alphabet cutters, before decorating your board with some beautiful butterflies using the Blossom Sugar Art butterfly cutter set. Dust your little butterflies with some Kingfisher edible lustre dust by Sugarflair for a pop of colour.

These are just a few of many ideas, so get experimenting with this incredible tin and bring all of your ideas to life!

Handy hints

This tin works best when used with a heavier cake mix like Madeira to prevent sinking.

Use the unique grid guide pattern on the bottom of the tin to hold the inserts firmly in place to keep the batter in the design area.

We used:

Wilton Countless Celebrations Cake Pan Set
Golden Delight Madeira Cake Mix
Cooling rack
Decorations (as desired)