How To Make Icing Streamers

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We used

Renshaw Multipack of 5 Neon Colours Sugarpaste

Pinch of Sugarcel Powder

FMM Multi Ribbon Cutting Tool

Paint Brush

Cornflour Pouch

Edible Glue

Use the Renshaw Multipack of Neon sugarpaste to create brightly coloured icing streamers. They are really easy to make and add fun and colour to any celebration cake or cupcake.


1. To make the coloured sugarpaste slightly firmer and enable it to hold its shape, add a pinch of Sugarcel powder to a small ball of icing and knead well.


2. Dust your work surface with cornflour and roll out your icing to about 2mm thick. Cut into thin strips using the multi-ribbon tool which cuts even strips really easy in seconds.


3. Wrap the icing around a paint brush and leave for about 10 minutes.3-large

4. Pull the icing gently off the paint brush to and attach your streamer with a little edible glue.