How To Make Oodles Of Pretty Icing Flowers In No Time At All!

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We absolutely love the Blossom Sugar Art box set! It’s packed full of 15 unique flower cutters and 3 double sided moulds which couldn’t be easier to use. It’s the perfect gift for beginners, as well as experienced cake decorators who want to make professional looking flowers quickly and without all the fuss. It’s so quick and simple, even the kids can get involved!

Step 1.

Divide some Sattina perfect paste into three, and colour each section with different shades of lavender, fuchsia, and yellow. Use a cocktail stick to add just a tiny amount as the paste colours are concentrated. Gradually knead the colours into each section of paste until it is evenly dispersed throughout.

Step 2.

Dust a non-stick board with a cornflour pouch, before rolling out your paste to around 2mm thick. Press your cutter down firmly and give it a little wiggle.

Step 3.

Run your finger around the edges of the cutter to take away any rough edges on the icing, before gently removing the flower with your fingers or a soft brush.

Step 4.

Dust your mould with cornflour, and place your flower in the centre of the mould.

Step 5.

Fold the mould over the top and press down firmly.

Step 6.

Release the mould, and you will see that the flower has taken shape with delicate veins showing.

Step 7.

Take your flower out and place onto the foam flower former.

Step 8.

Make all the flowers you need and ideally leave overnight or for at least an hour to set hard.

Step 9.

Dust the centres of your flowers with colours of your choice. For example, we’ve used ‘Twinkle Pink’ and ‘Purple Haze’ by PME, and ‘Tangerine’ blossom tint by Sugarflair on our flowers.

Step 10.

You can leave the centres just dusted or add a centre piped with a dot of royal icing. Alternatively, you could even add a pretty gem depending on the style of your cake or cupcakes. Attach the flowers to your cake with a little royal icing.

Handy hint

If you do not have any royal icing handy, add a dab of water or edible glue to a small amount of Perfect Paste modelling icing. Use a palette knife to mix well together, this will form a sticky paste which can be used to attach the flowers onto the cake.

We used:

Blossom Sugar Art Creative Studio Set (15 flower cutters & 3 moulds)
Sattina Perfect Paste (50/50 modelling paste)
Sugarflair paste colour Egg Yellow
Sugarflair paste colour Lavender
Sugarflair paste colour Fuchsia
Double sided pink non-stick board (comes with stay fresh mat and non-slip mat)
Cornflour pouch
9″ non-stick rolling pin
Pink foam flower former
Paint brush No 5
PME dusting colours Twinkle Pink
PME dusting colours Purple Haze
Sugarflair blossom tint dusting colour Tangerine