How To Paint A Cake Super Gold

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We’re always asked what the secret is to achieving a solid gold colour on cakes. It seems to be one of those techniques that everyone wants to master, and now we have discovered the perfect way to do it. With the Rolkem Super Gold metallic food colouring lustre dust, it couldn’t be easier. This truly super colour gives you a stunning result that’s comparable to gold leaf!

Step 1.

For a 6″ deep cake, mix approximately half a pot of Super Gold with a little rejuvenator spirit. Add just enough rejuvenator spirit to create a stunning pool of liquid gold.

Make sure you mix enough paint to coat the entire cake, so that you can paint the first coat evenly in one go. This minimises the appearance of streaks to help you achieve a smooth finish.

Step 2.

Paint the top of the cake first before working your way around the sides until it is completely covered in luscious gold. Remember to use a good quality soft, flat brush and paint your brush strokes from side to side to achieve an even finish.

Step 3.

Once dry, use a dry brush to lightly dust the surface with some more Super Gold to intensify and enhance the colour for a deeper gold finish.

Step 4.

The result after using Super Gold is the closest comparison we have achieved to coating a cake in a true gold colour. The cake you can see in the background is coated in gold leaf. Super Gold dust is not as bright as using sheets of gold leaf, but if you look at the cake in the background, the effect is not too different. In comparison, it’s much cheaper, easier to use, and incredibly quick!

Step 5.

The Super Gold dust can be used to colour decorations and flowers. You can achieve different effects and colour intensities on your decorations using Super Gold. You could just give them a light sparkly gold dusting with a dry brush, paint them fully with a mix of Super Gold and rejuvenator spirit, or take it further by dusting over that with more Super Gold with a dry brush to intensify the colour even more.

Step 6.

We were so excited by this stunning colour that we just had to try out some other ways to use it! We painted the rim of an icing cup and saucer to give a ‘dipped in gold’ effect, and drenched some cake lace and a little cherub in more liquid gold. A little goes a long way with this colour, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Step 7.

Be sure to try out the other Rolkem Super & Sparkle dusts in our range, including a Super Silver, a sparkly ‘String of Pearls’ pink, a Super Silk, and many more!