How To Pipe Pretty Flowers In Seconds

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Pipe beautiful buttercream or royal icing flowers in seconds with these new flower piping tips. The rose, rose bud and Holland tulip can be bought individually or there is a set of 11 tips that are ideal for piping a variety of pretty flowers from violets to daisies, crocus, roses, freesia and more! To create vibrantly coloured piped flowers, colour your buttercream with a gel or paste food colouring as opposed to a liquid colouring.

Preparing Your Cupcakes

To decorate a cupcake, start by slicing the top off so that it is completely level then cover with a layer of buttercream spreading it neatly over the top with a palette knife. We suggest you colour the buttercream green so that it resembles foliage at the back of the flowers, we used Progel green food colouring.


Piping The Flowers

If you are using a disposable piping bag, snip about 5-6cm off from the point, drop the flower tip in and fill with buttercream. Hold your piping bag directly above the cupcake, touch the top of the cupcake with your flower tip then squeeze firmly to pipe the flower. It’s really important to stop squeezing before pulling away! Clean the base of your piping tip with a piece of kitchen roll before piping each flower to keep them looking neat. Using buttercream in different shades or multi colours in the same piping bag works particularly well and gives a stunning effect.


Adding The Foliage

To finish off your floral cupcakes, pipe green leaves and foliage in between the flowers with the PME leaf piping tube, no 52.


Pretty Rose Sponge Cake

Use the blooming rose and rose bud flower tips to create this pretty ring of roses on a sponge cake. We coloured the buttercream with Progel pink food colouring and used a different shade of buttercream for each tip. Finish with a few piped leaves around the roses and wrap a pretty ribbon around the cake.


Handy Hints

The quickest way to fill the bag with buttercream is to stand it upright in a large glass, then you can easily spoon the buttercream into it. Squash the buttercream towards the tip then twist the end of the bag tight ready to pipe the flowers.

Practice makes perfect – before piping flowers onto your cakes, practice piping a couple of flowers on your worktop first.

We used:
Flower piping tips
Small cranked palette knife
Buttercream or royal icing
Rainbow Dust ProGel food colourings
PME leaf piping tube, no 52
Little Venice Cake Company pack of 20 disposable piping bags