How To Use Easy Push Flower Cutters

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We love these new Push Easy Flower cutters by Cake Star – they are just so easy to use and great fun for all the family. We used Sattina sugarpaste in an assortment of colours so that the flowers stayed soft and edible on the cakes. If you wish to make more delicate flowers or want them to stand upright, use a modelling paste like Sattina Perfect Paste.

Step 1.

Dust your surface with a cornflour pouch before kneading and rolling out some sugarpaste to around 2-3mm thick. Using a small non-stick rolling pin really helps stop the icing from sticking. Place your cutter on the icing, moving back and forth in small movements so that you know the flower has been cut out then press down firmly.


Step 2.

Lift the cutter up and press down the plunger to push the icing flower out. If you have time, cut out all the flowers you need and leave them to dry for around 30 minutes as this will make handling them and lifting them onto the cake easier.


Step 3.

Attach the flowers to your cake or cupcakes with edible glue. Brush a little onto the back of the flower them press into position and hold for couple of seconds.


Step 4.

Don’t forget,  you can layer the flowers on top of each other to create more designs and patterns in different colours!