Lottie Lace Christmas Tree Cake

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Products Used:
Sattina Grass Green Sugarpaste
Selection of Coloured Sugarpaste
Karen Davies Lottie Lace Mould
Rolling Pin
Easyflow Smoother
Small Straight Palette Knife
Sugarflair Frosty Holly Lustre Dust
Dusting Brush
Edible Glue
PME Plastic Star Plunger Cutters, Set of 3
CCW Small Present Cutter

We have used the Karen Davies Lottie Lace Mould to create this really simple, but effective Christmas tree cake. Although you could use it on larger cakes, this shape is ideal for small Christmas cakes as you can cut four cakes out of one 10″ square cake. Cut your square cake diagonally one way in half then each half again so that you end up with 4 triangular cakes – ideal for gifts!

1. Cover your triangular cake in green sugarpaste, preferably using a cake smoother to achieve a smooth finish.

2. Brush Frosty Holly Lustre Dust liberally into the Lottie Lace Mould. This will make the mould non-stick and give the green sugarpaste a lovely sparkle.

3. Roll enough green sugarpaste into a sausage shape to fill the mould, press into the mould and roll over with a rolling pin. Starting in the middle and working outwards, place a palette knife flat against the mould and slice off any excess sugarpaste.

4. Neaten the edges all the way around with your finger.


5. Turn the mould over and allow the sugarpaste to drop away from it on to your work surface.

6. Cut a little brown tree stump and attach to the side of the cake with edible glue.

7. Starting at the bottom of the cake, overlap layers of lace all the way up, attaching each piece with a little edible glue.

8. Decorate the tree with small icing stars using the PME Star Plunger Cutters & brightly coloured sugarpaste.

9. Finish the side of the tree with colourful parcels made using our small Present Cutter.