Make A Splash With The Fmm Splat Cutters

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Add a splash of colour to your cakes with the Fmm Splat Shape Cutters. Their soft curved shape is perfect for cutting out puddles but with a little imagination they can be used to create fun and funky flowers. Using brightly coloured icing, you quickly have the splats to go on a paint balling cake or splashes of paint that can be used on a DIY or paint palette cake.

Step 1.

Dust your work surface with cornflour (the cornflour pouch is perfect for this) and roll out some blue sugarpaste (also known as fondant icing) to around 3mm in thickness. Make sure the icing moves around freely on your work surface then cut out the splat shapes. Slide a flat palette knife underneath each shape and  lift them onto a board to dry, preferably overnight.


Step 2.

Attach the splat shapes to your cake or cupcakes then brush over with clear piping gel to create a water effect. We used the bubbles texture sheet and Sattina Dove Grey sugarpaste to make the cobblestones design on the cake board and cupcake.


Step 3.

We love the splat shape! If you cut out the splat shapes in brightly coloured sugarpaste and add small round centres they turn into really fun, funky flowers. Match them up with our DIY man cake topper and suddenly they become puddles of paint on a wooden floor, created using the woodwork texture sheet.



What we used:

Fmm Splat Cutters
Sattina sugarpaste in assorted colours:-
Mediterranean Blue for puddles
Dove Grey for the cobblestone effect
Golden Brown for the wood effect
True Red, Primrose Yellow, Bright Orange, Cerise Pink, Spring Green, Regal Purple
Cornflour Pouch
9″ Small rolling pin
Bubbles texture sheet
Woodwork texture sheet
DIY man cake topper
Set of 6 daisy centre stamps
Clear piping gel