Press-Ice Polka Dot

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Press-Ice tools now come in many different patterns allowing you to create some lovely side designs. Don’t forget, the cake must be freshly covered in sugarpaste so that it is still soft when using the Press-Ice tools to emboss the pattern.

1. Start at the back of your cake and resting the bottom of the Press-Ice tool against the board, carefully impress the pins into the sugarpaste.

2. To align the Press-Ice tool when moving to the next section of the cake, insert the first column of pins into the last row of holes

3. When you reach the back, finish off as neatly as possible. If there is a small gap in the pattern, use a celstick or a small pointed tool to finish marking the design in to the icing.


4. Press-Ice Polka 5 Tool
Use edible glue or tiny dots of royal icing to attach edible pearls on to the icing. Use a pair of tweezers to pick up the pearls and position them on the cake.


5. Press-Ice Polka 4 Tool
Make tiny bows out of sugarpaste using the Bows Easy Press Fondant Mould and attach with edible glue or royal icing. Make sure you dust the mould in cornflour first so that the bows come out easily: the cornflour pouch available online is a great addition to any cake decorators equipment list.


6. Press-Ice 1 Diamond Tool
Use a selection of edible silver balls and white pearls along side tiny blossoms to complete this stylish side design. If you use the plunger blossom cutter, you can cut the blossom out and plunge it straight on to the cake.


7. Press-Ice Ribbon 1 Tool
Attach edible pearls and small blossoms diagonally. Finish by attaching tiny silver balls in to the centre of the blossoms with edible glue or royal icing.


8. Pree-Ice Polka 1 Tool
Use the small plunger circle cutter and blossom cutter to create this diagonal design. To finish, Use a PME No 1 tube to pipe a tiny dot in the centre of the flowers.


9. Press-Ice 2 Zig-ZagTool
The easiest way to remove edible diamonds from their packaging is with a pair of tweezers. Pipe a small dot of royal icing onto the sugarpaste and to ensure your fingers do not mark the diamonds, use the tweezers to position them on to the cake. Finish this design with small edible silver balls.