Pretty Hydrangea Cupcakes

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We used:
Blossom Sugar Art Hydrangea Cutter & Mould Set
Flower Former Foam Sponge Pad
Renshaw Flower & Modelling Paste
Soft Dusting Brush
Non Stick Rolling Pin
Cornflour Pouch
Sugarflair Paste Colourings
Blossom Sugar Art Set of 4 Multi Leaf Cutters & Mould Set
Sugarflair Dusting Colours
Sattina Soft Green Sugarpaste or buttercream for cupcake topping
Edible Glue or small amount of Royal Icing for attaching flowers

Ever since we discovered the Blossom Sugar Art Cutters & Moulds Sets, flowers have never been easier and quicker to make. To make this pretty cupcake we used the Hydrangea Cutter & Mould Set and for the leaves we used the Set of 4 Multi Leaf Cutters that come with a mould too. Choose your colour theme (hydrangeas are usually shades of pink, blue, lilac and purple) and colour small amounts of Renshaw’s Flower & Modelling Paste to cut out the flowers. You can use sugarpaste but the flowers will take a little longer to dry.


1. Dust your work surface with the cornflour pouch and roll out the icing to about 1mm in depth. Cut out several flowers, using a soft brush to push the icing out of the cutter.


2. Dust the mould with cornflour and carefully place your flower on one half.


3. Fold the mould over and press down lightly to emboss the flower.


4. Lift out the flower and place onto a flower former sponge pad. Leave to dry for about 15 minutes if using flower paste or at least an hour if using sugarpaste.


5. Use exactly the same method to make a few leaves. Cut out, place into the mould and fold over to emboss the veins.


6. Shape the leaves and place onto the foam pad to dry.


7. Bring the flowers and leaves to life by adding extra colour with dusting powders. Pour a little of each colour onto some kitchen paper and, taking a little dust onto a soft brush, brush gently on the kitchen paper to take off excess powder to stop any streaking before dusting your flowers.


8. Before adding the flowers to your cupcake, cover it in a circular disc of sugarpaste (we used Sattina Soft Green Sugarpaste) or spread/pipe a topping of buttercream. The flowers and leaves will attach straight onto buttercream or use a little edible glue or royal icing if attaching to sugarpaste. Start with a circle of leaves around the outside of the cupcake then add a ring of flowers, finishing with a couple in the centre. To make the centre slightly higher, you can raise the flowers up a little with a small ball of sugarpaste.