Simple But Beautiful Ruffles And Frills With The Easiest Carnation Cutters

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We are so proud of our newest little invention – not only does the ‘Easiest Carnation Ever’ cutter set make stunning carnations but creates beautifully romantic ruffles and frills too! The cake has been covered in Sattina antique lace sugarpaste which is a really soft, creamy peach colour that goes with any colour theme including pink! We used Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste mixed with a little antique lace sugarpaste (about 3 to 1) to make the ruffles so they are a soft colour that matches.

Positioning the ruffles . . .

To position the ruffles evenly on the cake, make a greaseproof template and use a cocktail stick or frilling stick to mark where you want the ruffles to sit.

Step 1.

Before you start, dust your work surface with a cornflour pouch so that the icing does not stick. Knead one third sugarpaste into two thirds modelling icing (like Sattina 3 in 1) and roll out the icing large enough to cut at least 4 shapes, approximately 1-2mm in depth. Cutting 4 shapes out allows the icing to dry a little which is essential for the ruffles to hold their shape.


Step 2.

Using a small non-stick rolling pin with a rounded end, soften all the way around the edge of the icing pressing and rolling lightly. You don’t want to change the shape, simply soften the outer edge ready for frilling.


Step 3.

Frill the outer edge with a frilling tool (Celstick) or if you do not have one of these, a cocktail stick or the handle of a fine paint brush will work. Press the frilling tool down and work back and forth in small movements to create a frill then move along and repeat all the way around. Dab the icing and your work surface with the cornflour pouch if the frilling tool or the icing starts to stick.


Step 4.

Brush a line of edible glue on the side of the cake where the ruffles are to be placed. Cut down the centre line to create two ruffles and press gently into position on the cake, starting at the top.  Because the icing has had time to start drying, the ruffle should stand up proudly and keep its shape.


Step 5.

We have placed 4 ruffles on top of each other that arch upwards but you can attach as many or as few as you like, arching upwards or downwards depending on your design. We finished the bottom ruffle with a piped snail’s trail in royal icing using a 1.5 writing tube.


Handy Hint

Creating perfect ruffles and frills is easy once you get used to the icing you are using. Different brands of modelling paste and sugarpaste can dry at different times so practise with a couple of ruffles first, cutting and frilling them to see how quickly they start drying. You’ll soon work out how much time you need to allow for the icing to start drying so that the ruffle holds its shape on the cake!



You will need:

Sattina 3 in 1 Modelling Paste
Sattina Antique Lace Sugarpaste
Easiest Carnation Ever Cutter set
Small non-stick rolling pin (with a rounded end)
Cornflour pouch
Frilling tool (Celstick)
Edible glue