This Week – Cascade Of Butterflies

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We used:

Patchwork Butterflies, Ladybirds & Bees Cutters
Renshaw Flower & Modelling Paste in Pink & White
Petal Base or White Vegetable Fat
Small Flat Palette Knife
Cornflour Pouch
Mini Rolling Pin
Concertinaed Card for Drying Butterflies
Hologram White Glitter
Edible Glue

The Patchwork butterflies, ladybirds and bees cutters set has a variety of cutters in all shapes and sizes so that you can create this wonderful cascade of butterflies. Each butterfly cutter also embosses a delicate pattern onto the wings that will catch any glitter or lustre dust you wish to decorate them with. To make the butterflies all different shades of pink, mix together the white and pink modelling paste in different quantities.

Step 1.

Before you start, grease your work surface and the butterfly cutters lightly with Petal Base or a little vegetable fat. Roll out some modelling paste to about 1mm – 2mm thick, place the cutter onto the paste and press firmly down.


Step 2.

Remove the cutter and any surplus paste then use a flat palette knife to lift the butterfly up and place, pattern side down, over a piece of folded cardboard.


Step 3.

When dry, brush a little edible glue over the wings and sprinkle with glitter. To attach the butterflies onto the cake, use some softened modelling paste mixed with edible glue. Stick a very small ball of this paste onto the cake and carefully press the butterfly into position.


Please note – the white hologram glitter we have used is non edible so the butterflies should be removed from the cake before it is eaten.