This Week – Get Creative with Crimpers

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Be creative with crimping! They are fun, simple and easy to use with fresh sugarpaste, marzipan, cookie dough and pastry when making fancy mince pies. The secret to great crimping is to work quickly with fresh, soft icing and dab the end of your crimper into a cornflour pouch to prevent any stickiness. It’s simple, just press the crimper into your icing, squeeze and release!

We used:
Serrated Edge Crimpers, Set of 3
Cornflour Pouch
Reversible Circle Cutters

1. First decide if you want a delicate or chunky crimped pattern and move the black band up or down the crimper. The further down the band sits, the finer your crimping will be. To crimp a rose design on a cupcake, use the large closed curve serrated crimper. Holding your crimper vertically, create three complete crimped circles, starting from the outside and using the cupcake edge as a guide. Finish the centre of the rose with two singular crimps, twisting them slightly before you release.


2. Experiment to create different patterns and effects. Why not use the serrated wavy line crimper to make waves or water.


3. To make a fancy edge on cakes or cupcakes, the closed serrated vee crimper is perfect and a great alternative to a piped border.