This Week – Get Creative With The Baby Teddy Bear Mould By Katy Sue

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We Used
Baby Teddy Bear Mould by Katy Sue
Cornflour Pouch
Sattina 3 in 1 Modelling Paste
Sattina Sugarpaste in a variety of colours
Palette Knife
Chocolate Double Ended Edible Ink Pen
PME Plastic Alphabet Cutters Set
Daisy Design Mat by Katy Sue
Woodwork Texture Sheet

We love how versatile and easy to use this new Katy Sue Baby Teddy Bear mould is! Not only is it perfect for making cute teddy toppers for Christening, Naming Day or baby shower cakes, by adding accessories and outfits, this mould can be used to make decorations for all kinds of occasions. For best results, use a 50/50 mix of sugarpaste and Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste kneaded together. This paste ensures that the teddy holds its shape but isn’t too firm so the bear can still be formed and adjusted to suit your design.

Step 1.

First, dab some cornflour into the mould, tipping any excess out, then take your 50/50 sugarpaste and modelling paste mixture and press it into the mould. Working from the middle out, use a palette knife to carefully remove any excess sugarpaste that comes above the edge of the mould, this will ensure a clean and neat edge around the teddy and will provide a flat surface when attaching him to a cake. Then simply turn the mould over and the teddy should pop out (if necessary, gently ease back the edges of the mould until the teddy comes out). Add facial features using a chocolate brown edible ink pen.


Step 2.

While the teddy is still soft, mould the arms and legs into the position you want for your design. You can bend the legs up to put your teddy into a sitting position or leave him standing. You could also have the teddy’s arms raised so he looks like he is ready to be embraced by a child; this is a great birthday cake design idea for a young girl or boy who has a favourite teddy! We have created a teddy bear daisy chain cake by standing the teddies around a cake and linking their arms, adding small daisies between them.

If you want to personalise a cake further, why not cut out letters using large alphabet cutters and add standing or sitting teddies around the name. To make the letters, roll out Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste to about 3mm thick. Dust the Katy Sue Daisy Design mat with a cornflour pouch then press the icing onto the mat. Roll over the icing once to emboss the design, lift from the mat and place design side upwards on a flat surface. Cut out your letters using the PME alphabet cutters and leave overnight to harden before painting and attaching to your cake.  To attach the letters, use edible glue and a small ball of modelling paste at the back of each letter decorated with an icing daisy.


Step 3.

Add simple accessories to your teddy bear such as flowers or balloons or dress them up in fun outfits to suit the party theme or occasion! Whether you turn your teddy into a footballer or a ballerina or maybe add a Paddington Bear style duffle coat, the possibilities are endless. You could even turn your teddies into superheroes, adding masks and capes or by using vibrant colours to depict a favourite comic book character. To enhance your cupcakes further, use texture sheets on your sugarpaste to create effects such as woodwork, leather and bricks.