This Week – How To Make A Jurassic Cake

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With the new Jurassic Park film hitting our movie screens, this cake could become very popular!

We used:
Petal Base
Small Non-Stick Multi-Purpose Board
Sattina 3 in 1 Modelling Paste
Fish Scales Texture Sheet
Small Rolling Pin
Dinosaur Patchwork Cutter Set
Palette Knife
Airbrush Gun by Dinkydoodle in Black or Pink
Tiffin/Crinoline Lady Tin
Dark Green Coloured Cake Drum
Luxury Sattina Chocolate Sugarpaste
Piping Gel
Sugarflair Paste Colour – Christmas Red
Edible Glue
Plastic Palm Tree Decorations

Step 1.

Smear a small amount of petal base on a small non-stick board and over the cutters. Roll Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste very thinly on to the petal base so that it sticks to the board and emboss with the fish scales texture sheet using a small rolling pin. This sheet is also available as part of the Small Texture Sheets Pack Of 4.


Step 2.

Use the Dinosaur Patchwork Cutter Set to cut out various shapes.


Step 3.

Do not try to move the paste from the board, just lift the cutter off.


Step 4.

Peel the excess paste from around the dinosaur.


Step 5.

Gently slide a knife under the cut outs to release them from the board and leave to dry. This shouldn’t take too long as the paste is rolled so thinly.


Step 6.

When dried, colour the dinosaurs using an Airbrush Gun by Dinkydoodle. This airbrush comes in black or pink and is complete with its own compressor and DVD for full instruction. Choose greens, browns and a little black to create a dinosaur colour palette.


Step 7.

Bake your sponge in a Tiffin/Crinoline Lady Tin, place on a dark green coloured cake drum and cover in Luxury Sattina Chocolate Sugarpaste. Emboss all over with some screwed up tin foil to create a rocky mountain surface and create fallen rocks from leftover scraps of sugarpaste. Create a small dip in the top of the mountain with the end of a rolling pin.

Step 8.

Colour Piping Gel with Red Food Colour Paste and spoon generously over the top of the cake so the hot molten lava can drip down all sides of the mountain. Make sure some pools in the top of the volcano.


Step 9.

When your dinosaurs have dried, VERY GENTLY attach them to the sides of the volcano with edible glue. Be careful not to break them as they will be delicate! Finish off the cake with some plastic palm trees.