This week – Mother’s Day Cupcake In A Birdbox

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We used:

FPC floral bird silicone mould
Cornflour pouch
Flat palette knife
Sugarflair shimmer pink lustre dust
‘Love In The Afternoon’ bird house cupcake box

To create a delightful Mother’s Day gift, simply top a pretty cucpake with a sugar bird decoration made from the FPC floral bird mould and pop into one of our new bird house cupcake boxes.


Step 1.

Before you start, dust the bird mould lightly with cornflour; the easiest way to do this is with the cornflour pouch. Knead a little modelling paste into a ball and press firmly into the mould. Don’t worry if you have over filled the mould because you can cut away any excess icing with a flat palette knife.


Step 2.

Turn the mould over and your bird decoration should easily fall out. If it doesn’t come out straight away, bend the mould back on itself slightly and gently ease the icing away.


Step 3.

To add a little colour and sparkle to the decoration, pour a small amount of shimmer pink lustre dust onto some kitchen paper, dab a soft brush into the dust and  brush over the wings and tail feathers. You can add an eye by either painting one on or by attaching a small pearl ball with edible glue.