This Week – Personalising Cakes Has Never Been Easier!

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Push Easy Alphabet & Number Cutters make creating messages a dream as they are just so easy to use! No more misshapen letters from trying to tease them carefully out of cutters – simply cut, press the plunger down to emboss and then pop them out ready to go on your cake. Suitable to use with sugarpaste, marzipan, modelling paste or even cookie dough, you can even make a name or message the main feature of the cake or cupcakes by decorating the letters or numbers to suit the occasion. The cutters are available in lower case, upper case and numbers or you can buy a set of all three at a reduced price!


Push Easy Upper Case Alphabet Cutters
Push Easy Lower Case Alphabet Cutters
Cornflour Pouch
PME Triple Holly Cutters Set
Sattina True Red Sugarpaste
Gold Edible Non Aerosol Glitter Spray
Edible Glue

To create this ‘Happy Christmas’ wording, dust your work surface and hands with the cornflour pouch before kneading and rolling out a little Sattina True Red Sugarpaste to about 2mm thickness. A handy hint is to make sure the icing moves and is not stuck to your work top before you start cutting! Cut out a letter, press down the plunger to emboss the icing then release and the icing will pop out. Remember to position your message on the cake or cake board before sticking it down with a little edible glue so that you know it’s spaced correctly. To finish, we added a couple of holly decorations and a spritz of gold glitter spray for a little sparkle!

Other products used on this cake were the PME Set of 2 Robin Cutters, PME Bark Impression Mat, Red Rafia Ribbon and the Karen Davies Button Mould.



Push Easy Upper Case Alphabet Cutters
Colour Splash Edible Food Pens, Set of 8
PME Star Plunger Cutters
PME Blossom Plunger Cutters
PME Heart Plunger Cutters
PME Circle Plunger Cutters
Fmm Hessian Embossed Rolling Pin
Snowflake Sprinkles
Mini Pearl Sprinkles

You can have real fun decorating the letters to suit the theme of a party, for instance football, flowers, music etc. Cut out the letters the day before so that the icing sets firmer and is easier to work with and remember, if you want the letters to stand up on your cake or cupcakes, use a modelling paste and not sugarpaste. Edible ink pens are a great way to add small patterns, stripes or delicate shapes like musical notes and there are many tiny cutters available such as hearts, stars, flowers and circles that are the perfect size for decorating your wording. You can add sprinkles (snowflakes and mini pearls) or emboss the icing before cutting out the letters with a variety of impression mats or textured rolling pins.



Push Easy Number Cutters
Sattina Pitch Black Sattina Sugarpaste
Cornflour Pouch
PME Star Plunger Cutters
Radiant Gold Shooting Stars Spray
Gold Edible Non Aerosol Glitter Spray
Gold Ribbon With Black Stars Design
Fmm Stars Embossed Rolling Pin

This New Year’s Eve cake is simple but stylish. Roll out a little black sugarpaste then emboss with the Fmm Stars Rolling Pin before cutting out 2016. Spritz with a little edible gold glitter and attach to the cake with edible glue. Cut out a handful of small black stars, add a Shooting Gold Stars cake topper and wrap with our gold and black star ribbon.



Push Easy Upper Case Alphabet Cutters
Sattina True Red Sugarpaste
Sattina Pitch Black Sugarpaste
Gold Edible Non Aerosol Glitter Spray
PME Star Plunger Cutters
Floral Texture mats, Set of 6

The size of the letters and numbers are perfect for cupcakes so the message can be a feature on them. HAPPY NEW YEAR fits perfectly into a 12 cavity cupcake box which is really handy if you want to turn up to a party with a gift of cupcakes or how about LOVE on cupcakes for Valentine’s Day presented in a four cupcake box wrapped in a beautiful ribbon?!



Sattina Sunshine Yellow Sugarpaste
Push Easy Upper Case Alphabet Cutters

If you are placing your letters onto a flat surface we suggest you cut them out and leave overnight to harden. However, if your letters are for the sides of a round cake, cut out and attach them straight away with a little edible glue so that they curve to the shape of the cake.