This Week – Pretty Filler Flowers In No Time At All

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We used
Karen Davies Filler Flowers Mould
Sattina 3 in 1 Modelling Paste
Sattina White Sugarpaste
Cornflour Pouch
Small 6″ Non-Stick Rolling Pin
4″ Small Straight Palette Knife
Set of PME Brushes
Edible Glue
Royal Icing
Paint Palette
Rejuvenator Spirit
Superwhite Powder
Edible Dusting Tints: Petal Blue, Ocean Blue, Red, Eucalyptus Green, Dusky Pink, Egg Yellow
Sattina Aqua Blue Sugarpaste
Wilton Blue Sugar Pearls

The Karen Davies Filler Flowers mould creates a variety of flowers in small bunches, perfect for cakes and cupcakes. Whether you are creating a sweeping cascade or a ring of pretty flowers around the top edge of a cake, the small flowers can be coloured and shaped into many designs. We have found that the best icing to use in this mould is a 50/50 mix of sugarpaste and modelling paste kneaded together.

Step 1.

Dust the mould with cornflour then turn the mould over and give it a good tap on your work surface so that any excess cornflour falls out. Take your 50/50 modelling paste, knead well so that it’s smooth and pliable and roll into a ball. Push it firmly into the mould and roll over with a small rolling pin so that the icing reaches into every crevice and completely covers the mould. Slice away the excess paste with a flat palette knife starting from the centre and working outwards.

Turn the mould over and carefully ease the icing out. Remember the mould is flexible so you can bend it back to help this process! Dust any remaining cornflour off the decoration with a soft brush.


Step 2.

There are two ways to colour the flowers. For a soft subtle effect, brush the flowers with edible dusting tints or lustre dusts. Take a little of the dust up on a soft brush and gently sweep over the flowers remembering that you can always add more colour but you cannot take it away!

For a more realistic look the flowers can be painted but this takes a little more time. You can use a variety of edible colourings including pastes, paints or dusts. To dilute the paint, add a few drops of rejuvenator spirit (which helps the paint dry quickly) or cooled boiled water and carefully paint the centres of the flowers and crevices to add depth and shade. To add highlights, dilute a little superwhite powder and paint several strokes onto some of the the petals.

It is really important to remember that if the flowers are to curve around the cake or if they are to drape over the top edge, they must be attached to the cake quickly once they are out of the mould so that they can bend and shape to the cake before the icing starts to dry. Attach the flowers with royal icing then they can be painted in your own time.


Step 3.

On this cake we have used the Karen Davies Filler Flowers mould and the Karen Davies Peony mould which comes with leaves to create this wonderful cascade of colourful flowers. The side design has been achieved using the FMM Press-Ice 1 Diamond Tool which has been pressed into the sugarpaste while it is still soft to create a neat template. It has then been decorated with blue edible pearls attached to the cake using tweezers and edible glue.