This Week – Simple & Quick Vintage Roses

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We used
Blossom Sugar Art Sugar Flower Kit 5 (English roses & leaves)
Sattina 3 in 1 Modelling Paste
Cornflour Pouch
Non Stick Rolling Pin
Sugarflair Paste Colour – Rose
Sugarflair Paste Colour – Fuchsia
Sugarflair Paste Colour – Gooseberry
Edible Glue
Pink, Blue & Green Cake Pop Sticks
Flat Palette Knife

If you love Cath Kidston designs or vintage tea parties, then the collection of rose moulds, leaf cutters, veiners and dusting colours in the Blossom Sugar Art Flower Kit 5, is perfect for you. It not only includes all these products, but it comes beautifully gift wrapped so it would make a wonderful present. Learn how to use the moulds and cutters to create cascades of roses and leaves, cupcake toppers and even a cute dog!

Step 1.

To make the multi-coloured roses we coloured some Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste with rose and fuchsia paste colouring and left some white. Dust the mould with cornflour then turn the mould over and give it a good tap on your work surface so that any excess cornflour falls out. Start with the middle of the rose, choose a colour, roll the modelling paste into a small ball and press firmly into the centre of the mould. Choose another colour, roll into a small sausage shape and press around the outside of the mould and repeat until the mould is completely filled. Roll over the mould with a small non-stick rolling pin before slicing away any excess paste with a palette knife. Turn the mould over and carefully ease the icing out; remember the mould is flexible so you can bend it back to help this process! Dust any remaining cornflour from the decoration with a soft brush.

If you are placing your roses around the side of a curved cake, attach them straight away with a little edible glue – alternatively leave them overnight to dry.


Step 2.

The kit comes with 4 different shaped leaf cutters, veiners, two dusting colours and a soft brush so you have everything to create either a cascade of roses and leaves on a cake or rose cupcake toppers like the ones we have created here. Make the roses as shown and before they dry, dip a cake pop stick in a little edible glue and insert into the rose. Leave overnight to dry thoroughly before inserting into your cupcake.

The leaves are made out of modelling paste coloured with gooseberry paste colouring. Simply cut out the leaf, place onto one side of the veiner and press the other side of the veiner on top which will create the veins through the leaf. Shape and leave to dry overnight.


Step 3.

We had a bit of fun making a dog out of the rose mould. You can use just the centre of the mould to make smaller roses and parts of the dog as shown here; even the nose was made in the centre of the mould! Shape the ears, muzzle and tongue from small amounts of coloured icing and add mini white pearls to the eyes and face.