This Week – Step By Step Guide To Using Cake Box Extenders

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Cake box extenders offer an economical and easy way to pack and transport large stacked cakes. They are made from a food safe sturdy cardboard and come in a selection of sizes. Follow our step by step guide for the easiest way to assemble, it only takes a few minutes.

When using an extender, you will need a cake box the same size. For example, to use a 14 x 14 x 18 inch high extender, you will also need a 14 x 14 inch box. Buy the extender on its own or alternatively as a set with the box.

Step 1.

Open the base of your cake box and place your cake in the centre.


Step 2.

Open up the extender and carefully place over the top of the cake so it sits around the board.


Step 3.

Slot the sides of the box together around the extender and put the box lid on.


Step 4.

A 14 inch extender will fit comfortably over a 14 inch round cake board. To fit over a 14 inch square board, cut a slit approximately 3cm or 1 inch at each bottom corner.


Step 5.

The extender will now fit comfortably over the square board. Assemble the box around it as normal.