This Week – Stunning Sugar Moth Orchids

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We Used
Make A Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid), Set of Patchwork Cutters
White Sattina 3 in 1 Modelling Paste
Non-Stick Rolling Pin 9 Inch
Jem Petal Base
Foam Flower Making Pad
Pme Bone Tool
Flower Former Grey Foam Sponge Pad or Polystyrene Flower Formers
Airbrush Gun & Compressor Kit & Free DVD by Dinkydoodle
Airbrush Colours or Dusting Colours
Diamond Paste Luxury Royal Icing To Go

This moth orchid set by Patchwork Cutters is the best set of cutters we have found for making this kind of orchid and we were really impressed with how easy and quick it was to create these beautiful flowers! Not only does the kit contain the cutters you need to make the various parts of the flower, but it also includes a silicone mould to shape and vein the petals to give them a more realistic look and a stencil that allows you to decorate the edge of a covered cake board or cupcakes. The detailed step-by-step instructions included with this kit will help you create your own orchids at home with ease.

Once you have cut and shaped your petals using the set, why not colour the flowers by airbrushing them? This method of applying colour really adds to the 3D effect, making your orchids look even more realistic and striking.

Step 1.

Roll out your flower or modelling paste, we have used Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste, and cut out the 3 different parts of the moth orchid. Use a little petal base on the cutter to make it easier to cut the shapes. Place the larger orchid parts onto the veiner to emboss the petals then lay on a foam pad and soften the edges slightly using a bone tool.


Step 2.

Attach your petals together and allow them to dry in a foam flower former or polystyrene former so that the flowers keep their shape. If you don’t have a foam or polystyrene former, you could make your own former using silver foil by moulding it into a cup shape before placing your flower in it to dry.


Step 3.

Colour your orchid flowers once they have dried, we have used the Dinkydoodle airbrushing kit. Airbrushing the colour onto the petals really adds to the 3D look and gives a fantastic depth of colour. Alternatively, you could colour your flower paste before making the orchids or use edible dusts. First, add a touch of yellow dust in the centre of your flower, then choose your main colour and start by dusting a pale colour and add a darker shade around the edges.

When colouring your orchids, it is a good idea to follow a photograph of a real orchid to obtain an even more lifelike look. To add tiny dots of colour to the centre of your orchids, try using an edible ink pen or dip the end of a cocktail stick into paste colour and dab onto your flower.