How To Make The Easiest Ever Christmas Cake!

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Tried and tested so many times, this Rich Fruit Cake mix is the best ever and you only have to add water! A true story… recently someone, who has made many many cakes, used our rich fruit cake mix for a last minute order. The customer reported back the next day “that was the best rich fruit cake you have ever made, can we have that recipe next time”! If you prefer something a little smaller, why not make your friends and family individual rich fruit cupcakes! Use metallic cupcake cases, top with marzipan and sugarpaste and present them in individual boxes.

Step 1

One box of Rich Fruit Cake Mix makes a 7″ round or 6″ square cake. Simply follow the easy step by step instructions on the box, not forgetting to line your cake tin well with greaseproof paper. A handy tip is to cover the top of the tin with tin foil while baking. Once cool, wrap in greaseproof and clingfilm until you are ready to decorate your cake. Completely optional but delicious, before you decorate your cake, prick the top with a cake tester and pour a few teaspoons of sherry or brandy over so that it seeps deep into the cake.

If your cake is slightly domed, slice a thin layer off the top so that it is flat. Clean and dry your gold cake board with a little cooled boiled water and kitchen paper then turn your cake upside down and onto the centre of the board. Boil and sieve a small amount of apricot jam before spreading it over your cake.


Step 2

Sprinkle some icing sugar over your work surface then knead and roll out 500g marzipan large enough to cover your cake top and sides. The best way to get a smooth professional finish is with a cake smoother but if you don’t have one of these, just use the palm of your hands.


Step 3

Once you have smoothed the top, work down the side of the cake cutting off any excess marzipan against the board for a neat finish. Brush the marzipan in either sherry, brandy or cooled boiled water and cover the cake in white sugarpaste using exactly the same method as for the marzipan. Wrap any unused sugarpaste up so that it is airtight – this can be used to make the snowflakes.


Step 4

To make the snowflakes, sprinkle icing sugar over your work surface and roll out some white sugarpaste to about 2mm thick. Cut out with the snowflake cutter then press the plunger down to emboss the snowflake. Lift up and press further to pop the snowflake out. Dust the snowflakes with  metallic golden sands dust then attach to the cake with edible glue.


Step 5

Your choice of ribbon can really change the look of your cake. Have a browse through our vast range of Christmas ribbons and decide whether you want to go for a homemade rustic look with hessian ribbon or a classic design with sparkly snowflakes. Wrap the ribbon or ribbons around the base of your cake and finish with a neat bow and gift tag.

Delicious Tip – Make your cake a month in advance and feed it with 1 or 2 teaspoons of sherry or brandy once a week.


Rich Fruit cupcakes

We loved the idea of making individual rich fruit cupcakes. 1kg of the Rich Fruit Cake mix makes about 12 cupcakes, simply follow the instructions adding the water and mixing as for a cake. Place the metallic cases into a cupcake pan and fill each one to within 1.5cm of the top of the cupcake case. Bake as per instructions for about 50 minutes.

Step 1

Completely optional but delicious, prick your cupcakes with a cake tester and pour a teaspoon of sherry over the top of each one. Spread with boiled apricot jam before covering in a circle of marzipan and sugarpaste.


Step 2

To finish the top edge of the cupcake and bring the marzipan and sugarpaste together, we have crimped around the top edge with a large holly crimper. Dipping the crimper in a little icing sugar will stop it from sticking to the icing.


Step 3

Cut out snowflakes, holly and Christmas trees to decorate the cupcakes and pop into single cupcake boxes for some very personal and delicious gifts!