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How To Create Icing Marbling Effects

1 Marbling Effect

Rose gold and marble cake

We’ve been mad about marble here at Cake Craft this week! We created this stunningly futuristic marble and rose gold cake using some brand new colours and marbling techniques. This may appear tricky, but it’s a lot easier than it looks! A lot of people ask how we do it, so we thought we’d give you a step-by-step guide on how to recreate this elegant effect. Marble is so versatile, which means you can combine it with plenty of different colours to either tone it down, or create a dramatic bold look! We went with the latter, and covered the top tier of our cake from top to bottom in rose gold. We then placed it upon our marbled bottom tier to create a trendy birthday cake that’s guaranteed to dazzle at any party!


Step 1. Circles With Different Effects

Before we show you how we created this particular marble effect, it’s good to know that there are so many different ways to create marble looks. This definitely isn’t the only way! For example, you could try keeping all of the lines parallel to create a very neat marble, or you could use blocks of colour to create a dense marbled sugarpaste with less spacing – the possibilities are endless! We experimented with alternative marble designs by making some sugarpaste planets swirled with peacock blue to create an extraterrestrial masterpiece!

2 explaining can get different effects


Step 2. Rolled Out Sausages

Covering the board in sugarpaste is not essential but it does create an elegant look. Brush the board with a little cooled boiled water, then dust your work surface with icing sugar and roll out approximately 300g of white sugarpaste onto your surface. Lift up and place onto the board, and then smooth over with a cake smoother for a professional finish.

Cut off any excess icing with a small palette knife and decorate the edge of the cake board with a 15mm satin jade ribbon attaching it with double sided tape. If you prefer not to cover the board in icing, use a coloured board to match the colour theme of your cake.

Now on to the marbling! Knead and partially roll out approximately 900g of white sugarpaste. For a mostly white spaced out marble look like ours, take roughly 100g of white sugarpaste and colour it using a little peacock blue food colouring, then knead to fully distribute the colour. Feel free to play around with the quantities to achieve your desired marble effect! Break off bits of your coloured sugarpaste, and roll each bit into a long thin sausage with your hands. In order to recreate our particular marbled look, it’s a good idea to ensure your sausages aren’t the exact same width the whole way along. For example, we have thick ends and thin ends on some of ours!



Step 3. Start Rolling Sausages Into Sugarpaste

Place your peacock blue sausages randomly across your white sugarpaste and, using a non-stick rolling pin, begin rolling them into the white base.



Step 4. Rolling Out Sugarpaste

Keep rolling out your sugarpaste and turning it around to roll it in different directions, until the paste is large enough to cover the top and sides of your cake. You will eventually begin to see your pattern showing through, and your marble effect coming to life!



Step 5. Smoothing Out Sugarpaste

Use a cake smoother to smooth the surface of the paste before placing your marbled sugarpaste onto your cake, cutting away the excess around the bottom. Carefully place a cake lifter or palette knife under the cake, and lift and place on the covered board, attaching with a little royal icing.



Step 6. Marble Cake Tier

If you want to achieve a crisp look, use a Bellissimo cake smoother to create the sharp top edge. Finish off your cake by wrapping it with a narrow coloured ribbon to match the colours of your cake, and step back to admire your beautiful marble work!



Step 7. Adding Extra Definition And Drama

If that’s not enough, why not add some extra definition and drama! Mix peacock blue colour with some rejuvenator sprit, and using a thin brush, paint over your marble pattern or highlight key areas you want to stand out. This really darkens the marble look, and adds a lot more detail. You can leave it as that, or you can add a dazzling rose gold tier with some lustred sugar roses and peacock feathers like we’ve done!

If you’d like to dress your cake up like ours, simply dust a pre-made white soft sugar rose with a little rose gold lustre dust, and place it amongst a spray of peacock feathers in the centre. We made these beautiful feathers using the Claire Bowman feathers cake lace mat, and brushed them over with a dusting of Kingfisher blue lustre dust.

8 extra definition and drama


For the cake:
•    1kg White Sattina sugarpaste
•    Sattina royal icing
•    Large non-stick rolling pin
•    10 inch round cake drum
•    10 inch cake tin
•    6 inch single thick cake card
•    6 inch deep cake tin
•    Satin jade ribbon
•    Satin soft peach ribbon
•    Double sided tape
•    Palette knife or Cake lifter
•    Cake Smoother

To Decorate:
•    Edible glue
•    Cornflour pouch
•    Rejuvenator spirit
•    Small brush
•    Sugarflair Peacock blue blossom tint
•    Sugarflair Kingfisher blue lustre dust
•    Sugarflair Rose gold lustre dust
•    Soft white sugar roses
•    Claire Bowman feathers cake lace mat

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