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How To Make A Natural Wicker Heart Cake


This natural wicker heart design is a great cake for every occasion, including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries. The colours used for the heart and cake are quite neutral, so you can use whatever colours you wish to match your theme and go wild with colourful flowers! If you don’t have the Karen Davies buttercream (effect) flowers mould, you can use other flower moulds and cutters or decorate the heart with roses using ‘The Easiest Rose Ever’ cutter.


1 – Choose your colour scheme

The first thing to do is to choose what colours you’re going to be using. We wanted a pink and red flower theme, so we chose cherry red, fuchsia and scarlet Sugarflair paste colours for our petals, and gooseberry for the leaves. Use around 50g of Perfect Paste for each petal colour, and 30g for the leaves. If you don’t have Perfect Paste, simply mix 50% sugarpaste with 50% modelling paste to make a similar blend.



2 – Moulding & painting the feathers

Dust the Karen Davies native feathers mould with a cornflour pouch before pushing some Perfect Paste into the mould. Roll over it with a rolling pin to indent the pattern into the paste and use a palette knife to cut away any excess. Slowly ease your feathers out of the mould, and use a scapel or sugarcraft knife to sharpen the details and edges of the feathers. To achieve the ‘natural shape’ of the feathers, place them in a foam flower former to dry. Once they have dried, mix a little Rolkem super gold with some rejuvenator spirit in a paint palette, and paint the tips of your feathers gold.



3 – Creating the wicker heart

Use approximately a 250g blended mix of Sattina golden brown sugarpaste and white Perfect Paste to create your heart. You may find it easier to form the shape of your heart by using a 6“ heart shaped cake card as a template and placing it onto your covered cake. The great thing about this shape is it allows your heart to be attached nicely onto any shaped cake, including a round, square, heart or even a hexagon cake. To make the heart, you can either use a sugarcraft gun or do it freehand. Roll some of your sugarpaste into a sausage, insert it into the tube of the sugarcraft gun and then press down the hand release to start forming your heart. Alternatively, put a little petal base on your work surface and roll out your sausages freehand to the length of about 25cm using your hands and a cake smoother. Continue this process for as many vines as you want to create and layer them up. Once you’re happy with your heart, attach it to your cake with edible glue.



4 – Making the flowers

Dust the Karen Davies buttercream (effect) flowers mould with a cornflour pouch before pushing some Perfect Paste into the mould. Roll over your paste with a rolling pin to ensure it takes the shape of the mould and use a palette knife to cut away any excess. Ease your flowers out of the mould and leave them to dry. Once they are dry, paint the pollen in the centre of your flowers using egg yellow/cream paste colour by Sugarflair mixed with a little rejuvenator and a dash of superwhite. To achieve the golden dusted effect on your petals, take some Rolkem super gold on a semi dry brush and use it to lightly brush over the tips of the petals. Spritz your flowers with a gold glitter spray pump to finish them off.



5 – Attaching the design to the cake

Attach your decorations to the cake however you like with a little royal icing. We placed ours at various points along the heart shape, and attached our leaves snugly to each flower. Wrap a natural hessian ribbon around the base of your cake, and layer it with a thinner satin red ribbon to finish. Feel free to change the colours of your flowers along with choosing a ribbon to match, to create the perfect desired look!



6 – Matching Cupcakes

Make complementary cupcakes as shown and present them alongside the main cake at a party. Cut out your sugarpaste discs using reversible circular cutters and attach them to the top of your cupcakes with a little buttercream. Attach the extra decorations with a little royal icing or edible glue and arrange them however suits on top of your cupcakes.



Handy Hints

If you want to avoid stained hands, use food grade gloves to prevent contact with the food colouring.

If you don’t have Perfect Paste, use 50% sugarpaste and 50% flower paste or modelling paste together as an alternative.



You will need:-

8“ round cake tin

12“ round cake board

16“ rolling pin

6“ heart shaped hardboard card

Sattina white sugarpaste (approx 1kg)

Cake smoother

50mm wide natural hessian ribbon

15mm wide satin red ribbon

Rolkem super gold metallic food colouring lustre dust

Sugarflair cherry red pastel paste food colouring

Sugarflair fuchsia paste food colouring

Sugarflair scarlet (red) pastel paste food colouring

Sugarflair gooseberry paste food colouring

Sugarflair egg yellow/cream paste food colouring

Sugarflair superwhite

400g Sattina perfect paste

Cornflour pouch

Palette knife

Sugarcraft knife

9“ rolling pin

Karen Davies buttercream (effect) flowers mould

Sugarcraft gun

Sattina golden brown sugarpaste

Foam flower former mat

Karen Davies native feathers mould

Small brush

Edible glue

Petal base

Rejuvenator spirit

Paint palette

Royal icing

Gold cupcake cases

Reversible 6 piece circular cutter set

Edible non aerosol gold glitter spray pump

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