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How To Make An Easy Batman Cake Using PhotoCake

This show-stopping Batman cake, using both the PhotoCake Batman edible strips and circular disc, is super easy to make. Follow our step by step guide showing you how easy it is to attach the edible prints and handy hints on making a simple modelling paste and strong glue for heavier decorations.



We used






Cover a 12″ round cake board in black sugarpaste. You can attach the rolled out sugarpaste to the board with cooled boiled water or edible glue and use a cake smoother to achieve a perfect finish on the icing. Separately cover an 8″ round cake in blue sugarpaste on an 8″ round thin cake board. If possible, leave the covered board and cake overnight to set firm then carefully lift the cake onto the board attaching it with either royal icing or buttercream. Take the three Batman edible printed strips out of the pack and attach the first one to the front of the cake with edible glue, making sure you centre it precisely. Measure the gap left around the cake, half the measurement then cut the remaining 2 strips to that length. Take your time being precise so the edible strips match up perfectly around the cake and attach with edible glue.





Place the top tier onto a thin round board and cover in yellow sugarpaste leaving to set overnight. When it comes to placing the cake onto the bottom tier, we recommend you push 3 cake dowels into the bottom cake cutting them flush with the top of the cake. Smear a little royal icing onto the cake then carefully attach the top tier over the dowels. Wrap a 15mm yellow ribbon around the base of the cake attached with a little royal icing or edible glue at the back. Take the Batman edible printed disc out of the pack and, depending on the size and how the disc has been printed, you may have to use scissors to cut the circular disc out. Attach to the front of the cake with edible glue.





Take a small amount of yellow sugarpaste and knead in approximately quarter teaspoon of CMC powder (this will create an icing that will set firm). Cut out a selection of different sized stars and leave for a couple of hours or overnight to set. Draw around the edge of each star with a black edible ink pen.





Knead a little CMC powder into some white icing and use the FMM WOW cutter to cut out about 3 full shapes and 2 half shapes. Leave to set firm then using the ‘push easy’ alphabet cutters, cut out comic book wording and attach with letters to the plaques with edible glue. Finish by drawing a black line around each shape with a black edible ink pen.





Attach the comic strip messages onto the cake sides, top and board using royal icing. If you do not have any royal icing, mix together some white sugarpaste with a little CMC powder and some edible glue. Lastly, decorate the entire cake with coloured stars and add a colourful ribbon around board.





An easy modelling paste

To turn your sugarpaste into a modelling paste that will set firm, knead in a little CMC powder. When cut out and left to dry, the icing will keep its shape and be easy to handle.

An easy strong glue

To make a strong glue instead of royal icing, mix white sugarpaste with a little CMC powder and some edible glue. This can be used to attach heavier decorations like the comic strip messages etc.

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