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How To Make Buttercream Effect Flowers Using Moulds



The Karen Davies Buttercream Flowers Mould is ideal for creating realistic flowers with a buttercream effect for wedding cakes and celebration cakes. The ‘buttercream flower’ look on cakes couldn’t be easier to recreate thanks to this amazing mould! By using Sattina Perfect Paste instead of buttercream you make less of a mess and still achieve a beautiful effect. The mould allows you to produce stunning flowers quickly and easily, and takes away the worry of your buttercream melting!


Step 1.

Dust your mould with a cornflour pouch, then turn the mould over and tap any excess out.



Step 2.

Knead your paste until it’s smooth, before pressing it firmly into the mould. Ensure the paste is flat at the back and not spilling over the edges. If it is, use a palette knife to trim away the excess.



Step 3.

Turn your mould over and flex it back to release the paste. The flower should pop out easily!



Step 4.

For the larger more intricate flowers like the chrysanthemum, push the paste in firmly then roll over the back with a small non-stick rolling pin.



Step 5.

Cut away the excess icing carefully around the sides, always cutting from the centre outwards.



Step 6.

Turn the mould over, flex it back and you will see how easily the flower releases!



Step 7.

Brush powder colours on with a dry brush to give your flowers a subtle pop of colour. It’s always best to pour a little powder onto some kitchen paper and work from that rather than dipping the brush straight into the pot which can cause streaking. For vibrant colours, mix the powders with a little rejuvenator spirit to create an edible paint. You can intensify the colour even further by dusting on some more powder with a dry brush after your flower has been painted and left to dry.



Attaching The Flowers

Use a little royal icing to attach the flowers to your cake. To make life easy, use Sattina Ready To Use Royal Icing which comes in a convenient 250g pot!


Handy Hint

You can make the flowers in advance and leave them in a cake box to use at a later date. But remember, if they are going on the sides of a round cake and not on the top, it’s better to attach them using edible glue while the icing is still soft so that they can be curved around the cake nicely or can be arranged into a beautiful cluster.


We used:

Karen Davies Buttercream Flowers Mould
Cornflour pouch
Sattina Perfect Paste
Palette knife
9“ Rolling pin
Powder food colours
Small brush
Sattina Ready to Use Royal Icing Mix or edible glue

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