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How To Make Chocolate & Hazelnut Celebration Cake

The irresistible combination of rich chocolate and hazelnut cake and ‘Bueno’ frosting makes this bake decadently delicious and perfect for any celebration. As tall cakes are still very much in fashion, we used 1kg of Sattina chocolate and hazelnut cake mix to bake three 7” round cakes.


You will need:

1Kg Sattina chocolate & hazelnut cake mix
700g Sattina chocolate & hazelnut ‘Bueno’ frosting
Squires classic gold metallic edible lustre colour
Gold mini star sprinkles
Ferrero Rocher chocolates for decorating

7” round cake pan
Wilton No. 4B piping tube
Wilton No. 21 piping tube
Wilton 12” disposable piping bags
Palette knife
10” gold Masonite cake board
Gold ‘Happy Birthday’ topper


1. Baking The Cake

Follow the instructions on the packaging, adding water and mixing for a few minutes then, if you happen to have three tins, line the tins with greaseproof paper or use a releasing agent and split the mix evenly between them.

Handy Hint
We used PME release-a-cake instead of greaseproof to line the tins. A small squirt spread around the tin with kitchen roll is enough to allow the cakes to easily release from the tin and bake perfectly.


If you have one tin, split the mix into three mixing bowls first to get even quantities before baking each cake separately. Bake at 150’C and start checking at around 30 mins – if the cake looks baked and feels firm to the touch, insert a skewer and if it comes out clean, your cake is ready! Leave the cakes to cool, then wrap in clingfilm until you are ready to decorate.

Handy Hint
To stop your cakes doming in the oven, place a layer of tin foil over the tins while your cakes are baking. It is important the cake does not rise and touch the tin foil, so this will only work if you are using a deep cake tin. If you are using a shallow sandwich tin, another method is to place a larger, deep tin upside down over the cake while baking.


2. Assembly & Piping Layers

Smear some frosting onto the cake board and position the first cake in the middle of the board. You can use a palette knife to layer frosting between the cakes, but it looks much nicer if you pipe a fancy design.

Take a disposable piping bag, cut the end off and drop in a 4B piping tube. Fill halfway up the bag with ‘Bueno’ frosting and twist the top half tightly until you see the frosting start to come out. Start by piping around the outside edge using an ‘up and down’ motion, then repeat this process moving in towards the centre until the cake is completely covered. Position the next cake on top, pipe a layer of frosting, then position the last cake in place.


3. Top Layer & Piped Scrolls

Practise piping different techniques on a cake board first, as this will give you confidence before you pipe onto the cake. You don’t have to waste any of the frosting, simply scrape it up and pop it back into the bowl to use!

Spread a layer of frosting over the top of the cake with a palette knife, then using the 4B tube, pipe large scrolls around the outside edge – it will help if you have practised doing this first on a spare cake board!

Handy Hint
Before piping the scrolls around the cake, mark the circumference out evenly so that each scroll is the same length. Another little tip is to count while you are piping, as this will help you to pipe each scroll the same count and therefore the same size.

Now, using a Wilton 21 piping tube, pipe a smaller scroll over each of the large scrolls to create some height and a more dramatic effect.

Handy Hint
To pipe scrolls, use an open star tube with lots of teeth, as this will give your scrolls more definition. Touch down on the board, then apply pressure to the bag to start piping the scroll in tiny circular movements before getting smaller and trailing off to a point. Stop all pressure before lifting the piping tube away.


4. Decorating The Top

To keep the flavour combinations matching, we decorated the top of the cake with Ferrero Rocher chocolates; you can fill the centre or just perch some around the edge on the frosting. We gave them a gold shimmer to match the cake board by brushing with Squires metallic classic gold edible lustre.

Lastly, we finished with a sprinkling of gold mini stars …

… and popped a gold topper in the centre, perfect for a birthday celebration, but the final decoration is completely up to you to match in with your celebratory theme!


Happy Baking!
The Cake Craft Creative Team
Cake Craft World, discover the possibilities

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