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How To Make Hot Chocolate Bombs …

… the perfect little pressie for chocolate lovers!

For a festive fun gift, hot chocolate bombs are super trending and the perfect little pressie for anyone who loves chocolate! If you have never heard of the term before, they are little hollow spheres of chocolate filled with powdered cocoa mix and mini marshmallows which when melted with hot milk make a deliciously decadent hot chocolate drink!


You will need:

Callebaut white chocolate couverture chips
Callebaut milk chocolate couverture chips
Squires Kitchen Cocol cocoa butter metallics colouring set
Sugarflair edible ‘Finishing Sparkle’ glitter dust
Sugarflair edible ‘Gold Finishing Sparkle’ glitter dust
Claire Bowman edible ‘Rose Pink’ glitter dust

Wilton set of 2 chocolate sphere candy moulds
Deep fry & jam thermometer
Paint brush
Flat palette knife
Baking tray

PME foiled lined Santa and sleigh cupcake cases
Christmas cellophane bags with holly and snowflakes design
Brown Kraft single cupcake window boxes


1.  Adding Colour, Patterns & Sparkle

One easy way to colour your chocolate bomb or add a pattern or sparkle is to colour the mould itself instead of the chocolate.

Paint patterns into the spheres mould using Cocol cocoa butter colouring in metallics. Follow the instructions on the packaging to melt and soften the food colouring then paint the mould with a pattern that takes your fancy!

To add colour and sparkle to the chocolate bomb, spritz the sphere mould with edible glitter. We used the powder puff glitter dust in finishing sparkle and gold finishing sparkle, then for a subtle red spritzed the mould with the Claire Bowman rose pink edible glitter dust.


2.  Melting The Chocolate

It’s best to use a good quality chocolate like Callebaut couverture chips but even these need to be melted correctly. Start by melting your chocolate very gently in short bursts of 20 seconds in a microwave oven (in a microwave-safe bowl) until about two thirds of the chips have melted. Then remove from the microwave and continue to stir until all the chips have melted and you have a smooth, lump free consistency. Your chocolate is now ready to use.

Handy Tip
Be careful when using white chocolate as it has a high milk and sugar content which can burn easily in the microwave.


3.  Pouring The Chocolate Into The Sphere Moulds

Pour the melted chocolate into the spheres then turn over and tap the back of the mould until all excess chocolate has dripped back into the bowl.


4.  Scraping Excess Chocolate Away

Using a flat palette knife, scrape across the top of the sphere mould to remove any excess chocolate and put back into the bowl then leave your bombs to set in the mould.


5.  Attaching The Two Spheres With A Filling

The easiest way to create the bomb and attach the two spheres together is to melt both surfaces very slightly. To do this, heat a baking tray in the oven until warm then place both spheres face-down onto it for a couple of seconds so that the edges melt.

Don’t forget to add your filling! Lift one sphere off the baking tray and add a spoonful of cocoa powder and a spoonful of mini marshmallows.

Carefully press both spheres together so that the edges meet perfectly and hold for a couple of seconds to help the setting process. Pop in a cupcake case to cool down and set.


6.  Making Your Hot Chocolate

Put the chocolate bomb into a mug and pour over hot milk. Once the bomb has melted, stir so that the cocoa powder and mini marshmallows are mixed to create a deliciously decadent chocolate drink. Then simply enjoy!


7.  Presentation Ideas

If you are gifting these little spheres of deliciousness, the PME cupcake cases are the perfect size to sit bombs made using the Wilton sphere candy mould.

They can then be encased in a cupcake box or displayed in a cellophane bag.


Happy Baking!
The Cake Craft Creative Team

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