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How To Make Queen Jubilee Cupcake Toppers

using The FMM Mix ‘n’ Match Face Cutter!

These fabulous queen toppers are sure to impress and are perfect for decorating cookies, cupcakes or the centre of a larger celebration cake. They are easy to make using the FMM Mix ‘n’ Match face cutter and are a great little project for all abilities and ages. Use promo code QUE10 at the checkout (before midnight on 6th June ’22) to get 10% discount off your total order!


We used:


Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste
Sugarflair Pink Honey (skintone) paste food colouring
Wilton Black paste food colouring
Sugarflair Cherry Red paste food colouring
Sugarflair Pure Gold edible lustre dust
Rejuvenator spirit
Edible glue
Purple Reign sprinkles by Sattina (optional)
Red, white & blue jubilee mini pearl sprinkles (optional)
Edible ink black pen (from the small icing pens by Cake Decor set)


FMM Mix ‘n’ Match face cutter
Non-stick rolling pin
Cornflour pouch
Paint brush


The Icing

We have used a modelling paste icing (Sattina 3 in 1) so that the toppers set firm and can be placed at an angle on the piped cupcakes; this icing sets firm overnight and the toppers can be easily removed before eating. If you want to decorate the Queen’s face directly onto round biscuits, a cake or cupcakes, use sugarpaste (fondant) so that the icing stays nice and soft to eat.


The Face

Colour some white icing using a soft honey tone (Queen’s skintone) then roll out on your worktop to around 3-5mm in thickness and use the cutter to cut out a large circle. Turn the cutter over, cut out a small oval shape then cut in half to make two small ears.

Handy Tip
Use a cornflour pouch to dust your work surface before rolling out the icing. You can also dust your hands to stop them getting sticky!


The Hair & Features

Colour some icing a soft grey tone using a tiny amount of black paste food colouring; the easiest way to take up a small amount of colouring is to dip a cocktail stick into the pot. Roll out the icing to around 3mm in thickness and cut out approximately 5 large ovals shapes then slice off a few sections as shown so that the hair can sit neatly around the head. For the fringe, roll out a circle and use the edge to cut out the shape of a pointed ellipse. Mark each shape as shown with edges of the cutter to resemble hair.

Overlap the hair sections around the face attaching with edible glue, then colour additional small amounts of icing pale pink, pink honey (skin tone) and rose pink with your paste colours so they are ready to help create the facial features. Cut out a small honey-coloured circle for the nose and attach to the middle of the face, then 2 small pale pink circles to create the cheeks. To make the eyelids, cut out a small oval honey-coloured shape, cut in half then use the cutter to cut away sections to create two small crescents. Attach either side above the nose then do the same for the eyebrows, just smaller in grey or white icing. For the lips, cut out a rose pink shield shape (the point will be the bottom of the lips). Use a curved edge to cut away most of the shield, then use the pointed part of the cutter to create the cupid bow. Use a black edible ink pen to draw on the eyelashes.


The Crown

To make the crown, cut out 3 shield shapes in white and slice off the pointed bottom sections. To paint, use either a silver or gold lustre powder colouring mixed with water or rejuvenator spirit, then attach a few sprinkles over the top with edible glue.


So why not have a go and get creative!

Happy Baking
The Cake Craft Creative Team
Cake Craft World, our ideas, your creations


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