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How To Use The Fmm Multi Animal Print Cutter

Let’s Get Started

This versatile cutter is super easy to use, allowing you to create amazing animal print patterns on celebration cakes, cupcakes and cookies. By using a different section of the cutter, you can choose between zebra, giraffe or leopard print patterns.


We Used

Fmm Multi Animal Print Cutter
Non stick rolling pin
Edible glue
Paint brush
Sattina Perfect Paste
Renshaw black modelling paste
Sugarflair brown, yellow and orange paste food colouring
Cornflour pouch


Step 1.

Dust your work surface with the cornflour pouch then roll out Sattina Perfect Paste 1-2mm in thickness in a rectangular shape approximately the width of the cutter.


Step 2.

Place the cutter on top of your paste and press firmly with an even pressure. Gently slide the cutter back and forth on your work surface to produce cleanly cut out shapes.


Step 3.

Use a dry brush to gently push the shapes out of the cutter.


Step 4.

Attach the animal print shapes to the side of your cake with a little edible glue.



Zebra Print

Use Renshaw black modelling paste to cut out the black zebra print shapes.



Giraffe Print

To create a realistic giraffe print, attach the shapes equidistant from each other.



Leopard Print

Cut out the leopard print shapes in brown and beige icing to create a realistic effect.



Get Designing

With a little imagination, you can use this cutter to create a wide array of cakes from 3D animals to colourful jungle themed cakes and handbags. Use along side the Large Mix ‘n’ Match Face Cake cutter to decorate cute zebra, giraffe and leopard print animal face cakes.


Animal Print Embossed Cupcakes

The FMM Animal Print cutter can also be used to emboss patterns directly onto cupcake toppers which can then be embellished
with edible pens, paints and dusts. Simply press the cutter gently onto rolled out sugarpaste so as to leave an imprint, then cut
out with a circular cutter, attach to your cupcake and decorate.

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