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The Easiest Sugar Peony Ever

Want to make pretty peonies but feel it looks far too complicated? With the help of ‘The Easiest Peony Ever’ cutter set, it couldn’t be easier! They have been designed to work together to make the easiest and quickest Peony ever. These cutters are so versatile, you can create peonies of different sizes by simply adding additional strips or taking some away. Create an elegant topper for a wedding cake, or an extravagant bouquet of peonies of all different shapes and sizes. Anything is possible with this cutter!


Step 1.

First, lightly dust your work surface with a cornflour pouch. If you are making a coloured peony, start with a darker shade of icing and roll it into a ball that can sit in one of the petals of the smaller cutter. Shape the bud so that it is narrower at the bottom and still rounded at the top.



Step 2.

Mark the rounded top with the cutter, pressing it in 3 times to form a criss-cross effect.



Step 3.

Roll out your paste 1-2mm thick, depending on how delicate you want your peony to look. Using the smaller cutter, firmly press down and cut 2 strips of petals in the darker shade. Once you have cut out the petals, leave the icing to dry for a few minutes before thinning and shaping the petals so that they keep their shape.


Step 4.

On a foam pad, thin around the edge of the petals with the end of a small rolling pin, dabbing with more cornflour if needed.



Step 5.

Shape and cup each petal along one side of the strip by pressing the rounded end of a small rolling pin into the centre of each petal (making a small circular movement with the end of the rolling pin helps). Turn the paste over and repeat on the other side.



Step 6.

Paint a little edible glue into the middle of each petal on the top row only, avoiding the edge of the petals.



Step 7.

Fold in half, pressing firmly along the fold then brush a little more glue into the centre of each petal.



Step 8.

Roll tightly around the bud so that the petals cup inwards.



Step 9.

Repeat the same process with the second strip of small petals.



Step 10.

Cut out 2 strips using the larger cutters (in a paler shade if you have a coloured peony) and repeat the same process. Remember to leave the icing to dry before thinning and shaping the petals so that they cup nicely.



Step 11.

Add the last strip of petals and leave to dry in a cupcake case (you can spread the case open to fit the size of the peony). Finally, press a small brush down between some of the petals to separate and shape them into the perfect peony. For an even larger peony, you can add one more strip of large petals.



Step 12.

Add some lush green leaves to the side of your peony using a leaf cutter and some green coloured modelling paste green. There you have it – the perfect peony!



Handy Hints

To create a realistic peony, it really helps to have a photo or a fresh peony next to you while you work so you can see how the petals unfold.

To save time, cut several strips of petals out in one go and keep them from drying out under a stay fresh mat.

To add more depth or colour to your peonies, dust the centres with edible dusting tints or lustre dust.


We used:

The Easiest Peony Ever Cutter Set
Modelling or flower paste
Foam pad
Cornflour pouch
Small round ended non-stick rolling pin
Edible glue
Paint brush
Cupcake case

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