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This Week – Bright and Beautiful Butterflies


We used:
Make & Bake Butterfly Cookie Cutter Set
Sattina Coloured Sugarpaste in –
Cerise Pink
Regal Purple
Grass Green
Sunshine Yellow
True Red
Selection of Sugar Crystals and Sugar Strands
Edible Glue and Paint Brush
Pink Grosgrain Ribbon
Cornflour Pouch

The Make & Bake butterfly cookie cutter set has 6 cutters that you can mix and match to create colourful cake decorations, cookies and even cupcake toppers. Have fun designing butterflies and flowers that look different every time and decorate them with sugar crystals, strands and sprinkles for a mosaic effect. If you have children, they could even design them on paper first by drawing around the cutters and have fun colouring them in!

Step 1.

Here we have made a really deep 8″ sponge cake and covered it in ivory sugarpaste on a 12″ purple cake board. If possible, leave overnight before decorating so that the icing doesn’t mark easily.

Once you have designed your cake, roll out the coloured sugarpastes to about 3mm in thickness, cut out your shapes and attach to the cake with a little edible glue. Make the antennae by rolling some sugarpaste into long thin sausage shapes. If you have a cake smoother, you can use it to make the antennae really neat by rolling it backwards and forwards over the sausage shapes while on your work surface. Attach to the cake with edible glue and add a couple of small balls on the ends. Dab a little cornflour onto your hands and work surface if the icing starts to get sticky.

Lastly, embellish the decorations with sugar crystals, attaching them with edible glue and wrap a colourful ribbon around the base of the cake.



Step 2.

Design and make cupcake toppers using the smaller cutters in the set and decorate with sugar strands and crystals.



Step 3.

Create colourful cookies by using the smaller cutters to decorate the top or use them to cut out shapes in the cookie dough before baking. Another way to decorate the cookies with cut outs is to leave them plain and pipe a design in white royal icing on the top; firstly pipe a white line around the outside edge of the butterfly cookie then fill in the middle with piped swirls and dots.



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