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This Week – Cake With Pretty Frills


We used
Garrett Frill Cutter
Kit Box Side Templates
PME Small Plunger Butterfly Cutter
Small Celstick for Frilling
Cornflour Pouch
Serrated Closed Curve Crimper
Sugarflair Snowflake Lustre Dust
Soft Brush
Edible Glue
Royal Icing
Sattina Powder Blue Sugarpaste
Sugarflair Aztec Blue Paste Colouring
Sattina 3 in 1 Modelling Paste
PME No. 2 Tube

Creating beautiful frills out of icing is easy if you have a Garrett Frill cutter and know a few simple tips on the best way to use it. It’s most obvious use is for making delicate frills around the sides of a cake but with a little imagination it comes into its own; such as creating a filly dress on a 3d doll or princess cake as in the latest Cinderella film. From ruffles to tutus, Christening bibs and blankets to scalloped plaques for writing messages on, the cutter has a variety of different uses.

To achieve frills that hold their shape and are really frilly, the best icing to use is a 50/50 mix of sugarpaste and modelling paste kneaded together. This paste stays soft long enough for you to take your time creating the frill but dries quickly enough so that the frill holds its shape.


Step 1.

Cover the cake in Sattina powder blue sugarpaste and mark five scallops around the sides; we used the side scallop marking templates by Kit Box.



To make the frills and butterflies, knead together modelling paste and powder blue sugarpaste and divide into 3 balls. Use Sugarflair’s Aztec blue paste colouring to create the three different shades of blue.

Dab the cornflour pouch over your work surface and, starting with the darkest blue icing, roll it out 1-2mm thick. Insert the middle circle cutter into the Garrett Frill and cut out a couple of shapes ready to frill. For the first frill, cut away a third of the shape and with a small cel stick, frill from one end to the other. Place the celstick half way up the icing and move from scallop to scallop rolling firmly backwards and forwards. To create a neat finish, fold both ends of the frill over just a fraction and attach the frill to the cake with edible glue, curving it between the marked template lines.




Step 2.

Complete the first row of frills around the cake in the darkest blue then move on to a paler blue. As a general guide, to make the second frill, cut the circle in half and to make the third even paler frill, cut the circle into thirds. Finish with five long frills in the palest blue following the original scored scallop template around the cake.



Step 3.

After attaching each frill to the cake, use a soft brush to gently flick the frill up and go back every so often until it keeps its shape. To create a neat finish, pipe a small snail’s trail in royal icing along the top edge of the frill with a number 2 tube and add butterflies where the frills meet and also half way along each frill. The butterflies are best made out of the blue 50/50 mix of icing the day before so they have time to set. Add your own message to the top of the cake and our Cinderella cake topper.



Helpful hints and tips

Dust the butterflies and frills with Sugarflair snowflake lustre dust to add a twinkle to your cake!



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