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This Week – Decorating Cupcakes Using Colour & The Katy Sue Design Mats


We used:
Katy Sue Design Mats – heart vine, zebra print, leopard print, Royal & Duchess
Sattina White Sugarpaste
Cornflour Pouch
Small Rolling Pin
Reversible 6 Piece Circular Cutter Set
Sugarflair Edible Lustre Dust in Gold Sparkle
Rejuvenator Spirit
White Paint Palette
Kitchen Roll or Food Safe Sponge

The Katy Sue Design Mats come in many different designs and they are ideal for creating a texture or embossed pattern on your cupcakes or cake decorations. Add colour to further enhance the design and really make it stand out!

Step 1.

Roll out some sugarpaste and lightly dust your chosen Katy Sue Design Mat with cornflour. Place the sugarpaste on the mat and firmly roll over the sugarpaste using the rolling pin.



Step 2.

Cut out the shape required from the embossed sugarpaste. If you are covering the top of a cupcake, use a circle cutter to the required size. Mix some lustre dust with a little rejuvenator spirit together in a paint palette until you reach a runny paint consistency.



Step 3.

Dab a piece of kitchen roll or a food safe sponge into the paint, wipe away any excess on the side of the paint palette and lightly sweep over the design. Be gentle so you don’t squash the embossed pattern. As the rejuvenator spirit dries very quickly, you can pick up the sugarpaste shape almost straight away to either attach onto a cake with edible glue or onto the top of a buttercreamed cupcake.


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