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This Week – There's More To The Fmm Fluffy Cloud Cutters…

We used:
Fmm Fluffy Cloud Cutter Set
White Sattina Sugarpaste (Ready To Roll Icing)
White Sattina 3 in 1 Modelling Paste
Edible Glue, 25g Pot
Grass Green Sattina Sugarpaste (Ready To Roll Icing)
Pitch Black Sattina Sugarpaste (Ready To Roll Icing)
Round Plunger Cutters, Set of 3
Pme Scallop And Comb Tool
Medium Plastic Flower Blossom Plunger Cutter

Believe it or not, trying to cut out a neat and tidy fluffy cloud in icing is not as easy as it sounds so hands up to Fmm for bringing out this set at last! There are five clouds in the set, all slightly different sizes and shapes which means they are great for not only clouds, but also bushes, small fields and hills, trees, puffs of smoke and even cute sheep!


Step 1.

If you want your clouds to stand up on top of the cake, roll your sugarpaste out slightly thicker (about 3-4mm) or use a modelling paste like Sattina 3 in 1 so that they set firmer. Make sure you leave your clouds overnight to set so they are firm enough to stand up on the cake and attach with a little royal icing or a small ball of modelling paste mixed with edible glue. Clouds placed over the top edge of the cake or around the sides must be attached straight away so they curve to the shape of the cake.

For the bushes, simply cut in a straight line across the bottom of the shape and either attach straight away or leave to dry overnight if attaching to the board.



Step 2.

These cute sheep cupcakes are so easy to make! Roll out some white sugarpaste and use cloud No. 4 to cut out the sheep’s body. Attach to the cupcake then mould the sheep’s face, ears and legs out of black sugarpaste. When moulding small shapes, always start with a ball. For the head roll the ball very slightly into a sausage then flatten. Form 2 small balls for the ears then roll them between your thumb and first finger into teardrop shapes before squashing flat. Do the same for the legs except first roll very long thin teardrops. Attach everything to the cupcake with a little edible glue or cooled boiled water.



Step 3.

Lastly take a ball of white sugarpaste, roll very slightly then flatten before attaching to the sheep’s head. We used a PME small circle plunger for the eyes with tiny black balls of sugarpaste for the pupils. The mouth was created with the PME scallop & comb tool and for the finishing touch, we have added a flower cut out using the PME blossom plunger cutter.


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