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Cake Decorating Equipment, Tools, Cutters & Moulds

We offer a huge range of equipment for making and decorating cakes. From cake mixers to cake dummies, a wide choice of cutters and moulds to embossers and texture sheets! We have smoothers, spacers, rulers and scrapers to help you achieve a professional finish on your celebration cakes and a range of icing tubes and accessories for perfect piping. You will find everything you need to create beautiful sugar flowers, including cutters, stamens and veiners plus stencils, crimpers and modelling tools to meet all your sugarcraft needs!

Get creative with an airbrush kit or edible lace to make stunning lace designs to adorn your cakes. If you are a student or just starting out in cake decorating, take a look at our great value essential  kits too!  Browse our full range of equipment and cake tools.