Stencils For Cakes and Cupcakes

Stencils let you add pretty, contemporary and fun designs onto cakes, cupcakes and cookies quickly and easily, and is far less daunting than painting free hand. Gently place the stencil into the required position and secure. Then apply any of the following to achieve the desired effect:

- edible food colouring or paint with a small sponge 

- a thin layer buttercream or Royal Icing with a spatula

- spray with an airbrush or lustre spray (don't forget to cover the remaining area of the cake with greaseproof or plastic film first!) 


Remove the stencil gently and leave to dry before adding further decorations to avoid smudging the design. You could also use to dust icing sugar, cocoa or edible glitter onto pastries, cookies and drinks, simple!