Sweet Lace Express

Sweet Lace Express is a brand new icing that allows you to make lace easily and quickly. It revolutionises the technique for making lace as the icing is a paste not a liquid that can be spread into the mould, released after 4 minutes and attached straight onto the cake. It also goes a very long way so the average cost of a piece of lace is under 15p.
How To Use

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1.Take a small amount of Sweet Lace Express and knead until really soft and pliable.

2. Place the mould on a non-slip surface or board, there's no need to grease the mould.

3. Press the icing down firmly on the short side of the mould.

4. Using the spatula, spread the icing across the mould pressing the paste down firmly to fill every crevice. If all the crevices of the mould are not perfectly filled you can press the spatula over once again or carefully over one area of the mould. This technique takes a little practice and if you are not happy straight away with the result, simply take the icing out, re-kneed and try again.

5. After 4 minutes, turn the mould over and using the spatula gently release the paste pulling the mould away as you go. The lace can now be used in any number of creative ways either attaching  it straight to your cake, shaping over a mould or cut into shapes, ie butterflies etc. The lace will remain soft and workable for about 10 minutes so cover with a stay fresh mat or put in an airtight container if you wish to use it after this time.

Once we mastered the technique (which didn't take long), we found making the lace really easy and quick - definitely the best and most economic way of creating lace on the market!