Rolling Pins And Icing Spacers

A range of non-stick rolling pins, both plain and textured, for rolling out sugarpaste (roll out icing), marzipan,  modelling and flower pastes. Large rolling pins are perfect for rolling out sugarpaste and marzipan to cover cakes, whilst small rolling pins are great for sugar flower making and modelling edible cake decorations. For best results, dust your work surface with a little icing sugar (or cornflour but not when using marzipan!) to ensure your sugarpaste or modelling paste does not stick to your work surface.

To achieve a consistently even thickness when rolling out sugarpaste to cover a cake, use icing/marzipan spacers either side of your rolling pin or slip on guide rings onto the ends of the rolling pin (chose a thickness to suit the depth of the paste required) and roll until the rings touch your work surface.

Add texture to your paste in seconds using textured and embossed rolling pins, it adds interest when covering cake boards. Also browse our range of non-stick boards and rolling mats with stay fresh and grip mats allowing you to keep your paste and area clean free from rough surfaces.