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Cake Tins, Cupcake Tins, Muffin Tins And Bakeware Accessories

For all your baking needs, we have a fantastic selection of bakeware and cake tins to choose from! If you are baking a birthday, wedding or celebration cake, have a look at our standard cake tins including round cake tins and square cake tins, heart, hexagonal, oval and petal shaped tins. Perhaps you are looking for something a bit special – our range of novelty cake tins cater for many tastes and occasions, from Number tins to Animal shapes, Trains, sports balls and seasonal tins, we’ve got it covered!  We also feature a great range of bakeware by Delia Smith as well as loose bottom and springform tins, muffin or cupcake tins and swiss roll, brownie and Battenberg tins. Don’t forget your greaseproof paper or handy ready cut tin liners, cooling racks and carry cases too!