Sugarpaste, Ready To Roll And Fondant Icings

A fabulous range of Sugarpaste for cake decorating. Also known as ready to roll icing and fondant icing, it can be used for covering cakes, decorating cupcakes and making simple models, decorations and sugar flowers. We have a fantastic choice of colours to suit every occasion from soft wedding shades to bright primary colours for novelty and birthday cakes. We have all the popular brands including Sattina, Renshaw (Regalice), Satin Ice and Beau Flavoured Sugarpaste.

Have a look at our helpful project sheet on Covering A Round Cake With Sugarpaste.

Please find below a guide to how much sugarpaste (ready to roll Icing) is required for comfortably covering a variety of cakes.

6" - 500g, 7" - 500g,
8" - 750g, 9" - 1kg
10" - 1.25kg, 11" - 1.5kg
12" - 1.75kg

6" - 500g, 7" - 750g,
8" - 1kg, 9" - 1.25kg,
10" - 1.5kg, 11" - 1.75kg,
12" - 2kg

8" x 10" 1.25kg
10" x 12" 1.75kg
9" x 13" 1.75kg


6" x 4" 500g
8" x 6" 500g
10" x 8" 1kg
12" x 10" 1.5kg

Same as round if measured point to point.

Same as round.

Same as round

All the Wilton pans, unless miniature, take 1kg of sugarpaste to cover them.