Marzipan / Almond Paste

Marzipan is traditionally made from ground almonds and sugar, and our Sattina Marzipan is a fantastic top quality marzipan with a 28% almond content. This naturally coloured maripan can be used as a covering underneath sugarpaste or royal icing on fruit cake or sponge cakes or for making marzipan fruits and cake decorations. It can be coloured with paste gel colourings, brushed with edible dust colours or painted with edible food paints.

Our Sattina Marzipan pairs perfectly with our Sattina sugarpaste and why not try our rich fruit cake mix where you only need to add water!

How to use:

. Knead marzipan until pliable
. Roll out to a thickness of approx. 5mm (¼ Inch) on a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar (NOT cornflour!)
. Brush cake with cool boiled, sieved apricot jam and then cover with marzipan
. Gently smooth the top and sizes of the cake, trimming any excess with a knife

  • Sattina Marzipan
    Sattina Marzipan

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    Sattina Marzipan is a top quality marzipan with a 28% almond content, perfect for wedding and Christ...

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