Edible Glue & Essential Cake Decorating Ingredients

In this section you will find all the cake decorating essentials you need to make the cake decorating process easy and stress-free. Our must-have products include Release-A-Cake, a quick and easy way to bake and release your cakes from the tin, edible glue and cornflour pouches.
Why not try superwhite to achieve a whiter, brighter look for your buttercream and frosting or give your cake decorations a real sheen with some edible glaze spray?

Dried Egg White - for making royal icing and meringues.
Hardening Agents - for making modelling and florist paste.
Edible Glazes - for adding a sheen/gloss effect.
Piping Gel - for creating edible water effects and used in brush embroidery icing.   
Edible Glues - for adhering modelling, flower and gum paste pieces together
Cake Releases - for quick release of bakes from tins