chocolate modelling paste


Ganache is a rich mixture of cream and chocolate which can be used as a delicious covering and poured over cakes. You can also change the consistency of ganache by varying the ratio of cream to chocolate and by adding less cream use it as a filling and even pipe with it. Any left over can be left to cool in the fridge, rolled into balls and dusted in cocopowder for truffles (these must be kept in the fridge due to the cream content).

This standard recipe will cover a 6" and 8" stacked cake, round or square. If you are adding a 10" cake, double the recipe and if you are adding a 12" cake multiply the recipe by 2.5.

For preparation, the chocolate cakes can be covered in either a thin layer of marzipan or a mixture of 50/50 marzipan and cocoform kneaded together. I have to say, that once the ganache has been poured over the marzipan and set, it seems to almost seep into the marzipan and create an absolutely delicous chocolate covering.

Milk & White Chocolate Ganache
400g good quality chocolate (Callebaut)
300ml or whipping cream

Dark Chocolate Ganache
400g good quality chocolate (Callebaut)
350ml whipping cream

Heat the cream and pour on to the couveture chocolate, leave for 5 mins.

After this time, carefully start to stir the mixture, do not whisk as you will get air bubbles in the ganache(if this happens, sieve the mixture into another bowl). The chocolate and cream should combine easily ready for pouring over your cakes. Stand the cakes on a wire rack over greasproof, then you can scrape up any left over and use as a filling or truffles etc.



Quick chocolate fondant icing for cup cakes

This is a really quick and easy, delicious chocolate topping for cup cakes.

250g pack of chocolate sugarpaste
2 teaspoons of water

Put the chocolate sugarpaste and water into a plastic microwave bowl. Melt in microwave carefully checking every 20 seconds at first then every 10 seconds (it can burn really easily) until the mixture is a smooth pouring consistancy and can be poured over your cup cakes.