Chocolate For Melting And Recipes

Whether you are making a gooey chocolate cake, a delicious ganache filling, a decadent mirror glaze or indulgent truffles, a good quality chocolate is essential to add into your recipes for a rich smooth flavour or to melt down and pour into moulds. Choose from milk, white and dark chips, buttons or bars which can be melted quickly in the microwave with the handy silicone melting jug or easily and efficiently in the PME Electric Melting Pot (always take care when melting chocolate, it will become very hot and must not be overheated as it will 'seize').

Need to colour your chocolate, then browse the range of Colour Mill  concentrated food colourings that are designed to blend more easily with oil based foods (unlike other food gel colours which are water based), or try the colourful vanilla flavoured colour melts.

For more delicious chocolate ideas, take a look at All Things Chocolate and create a chocolate masterpiece!