Food Colourings And Edible Paints

We have a fantastic variety of edible food colourings and edible metallic paints - gel pastes, sprays, liquid and powder dusts to colour your cake mix, marzipan, buttercream frostings, sugarpaste, royal icing and modelling pastes. Featuring many popular brands - Dr. Oetker, Sugarflair, Rainbow Dust, Cake Decor, Squires Kitchen, Wilton and  Culpitt, you can make your designs as bold or as subtle as you like to suit every occasion.

We also stock a selection of natural food colours from Knightbridge PME and Colour Mill's range of completely oil based concentrated colourings that are designed to blend more easily with oily foods such as buttercream, ganache and chocolate. For painting onto icing, create your own paint by mixing  powdered food colouring with rejuvenator spirit or use one of the ready made edible paints available. Browse our comprehensive range of edible food colouring and ready coloured sugarpaste (roll-out) icings.